The ‘Win’ in Winter

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Mulberry has just released their holiday video entitled ‘Mulberry #WinChristmas’. The narrative tells a tale of the proper Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts, and (in my opinion) laboriously opening each present individually in front of the giver. Personally, after the 1997 financial crisis, my family did away with each person receiving multiple gifts. So one aunt or uncle would be in charge of gifting to their assigned relative’s family and vice versa. But logistics aside, as us kids grew older, the whole act of gifting kind of disappeared altogether, everyone much preferring the company and good food instead (our Christmas dinners are very epic)

I digress.

The Mulberry family in question, take turns out-gifting one another. First with a hand-painted portrait of the recipient (which is my favourite, really), followed by a puppy that can wave too (gifting animals during Christmas is one of the most cruel things you can do! Most end up being return/abandoned because the new owner isn’t prepared for another living thing to be its responsibility), followed by a unicorn (ok, points there dude. Not sure which section of Harrods you got that from, but I’d like one too!)

The kicker is delivered with a dose of ‘Lie To Me’-worthy micro-expressions – shock, confusion, disbelief and a crazy-mad-happy-‘oh yeah, all you other presents can suck it’ over the moon joy when Grandma’s present is revealed.

Watch the video for yourself.

And if you aren’t able to #WinChristmas this year. Don’t worry, there’s also New Year’s Eve/Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, the Great Singapore Sale or next Christmas for another attempt.

Image Credit: Mulberry via Club 21

Naughty or Naiise


Our chestnuts may roast all year round and not on open fires, but Christmas is definitely nipping at our noses. Orchard Road is already decked out for this festive (retail) season and likewise, the lovely team at are prepping for a Christmas pop-up store, “A Naiise Christmas”. The pop-up promises a mix of all things fun, fine and dandy. Knick knacks, bits and baubles all to equip you to wind down 2014 with style.

The space will also include food and beverage options. Because we need to re-charge in between shopping. And don’t forget to look out for updates on their workshop schedule. I have my eye on the Brass Jewellery Making Workshop by Stale & Co. (on 20th Dec) and the Silkscreen Printing Workshop by DODT (22nd Nov & 23rd Nov)

A Naiise Christmas commences on 15 November and runs till 24 Dec from 12pm to 7pm daily. The pop-up is located at 72-74 Dunlop Street (in the Little India area).


Virtual Gifting Part 2 – The Norse Store

Hi, I’m Alan, Jo’s boyfriend, and today she’s creating my wishlist. And while Jo was picking out my virtual gifts, she ran up quite a list of do’s and don’ts for her selection criteria:

“Alan’s way of dress basically moved from utilitarian (just to put some clothes for the sake of social norms) to utilitarian (heavy worker sort of hardy, well-made, smart-casual). Under this mish-mashed silhouette are bits of British suiting, American/ Japanese workwear, Scandinavian cleanliness, Red Indian motifs and the occasional exaggerated shape.”

“He has a penchant for denim – so I’m steering clear of all permutations of it, since it is risky business for me to choose and his wardrobe already has too many counts of it. I’m looking out for things that are cool but a little off-centre, safe but not quite what you have yet, stuff you may like but may not buy for yourself. Thank goodness this is all virtual, and price is not a consideration!”

I’ve got a penchant for denim? Really? All I’ve always wanted was a nice pair of jeans. I don’t have too many counts; it’s justifiable if you wear it often! Right? But I’m down for anything that’s interesting that isn’t what I would usually wear or buy. I’ve picked Norse Store, because I like their aesthetic inclinations. It might be the exchange semester still wearing off on me, or just that I find them to be a good balance of function and fancy.

Pick #1:

“You like my striped jumper, so I supposed you’ll love this…?”
I like the stripes! Seems nicely fitted at the torso, with baggier sleeves and a nice length for the ribbed cuff so I think it’ll form a nice taper. mmm. Wool.

Pick #2:

“A pullover in a zany, irregular pattern to complement your recent flannels and checks”
Crazy pattern and colours and TEXTURE! Would love to wear this and see it get fuzzier and completely whacked!

Pick #3:

“Sorry I made a mistake on your belt size in the Corter Leather order! Can I make up for it with this imaginary gift of another nice, tan leather belt?”
Yes, but if you do, don’t get this one. I like the narrower width, but I’ve been having my eye on other belts.

Pick #4:

“I think a bag is more important than you think cos you carry one EVERYWHERE. There’s wool, which reminds me of tweed, natural leather straps that you’ll love to see wear, and an expandable main compartment for everything you carry.”
You know my penchant for more offbeat yuketen stuff well. How to not love something so solid and eccentric?

Pick #5:

This is absurd and something you’d like but not buy for yourself because it’s just… absurd.”
This. With tie-dyed harem pants, and that pullover in #2. Absurd outfit complete.

A very interesting mix of picks, dabbling with lots of leather and wool I see. I like all of them! Especially #1, cept I might just melt wearing it once the rainy season ends. You ought to be relieved that the price isn’t a consideration because I doubt I’d be able to justify these purchases myself. But of course, if you’re able to justify them, well, no one’s stopping you…

– Alan

Virtual Gifting Part 1 – Steady stream of Needsupply

Christmas is upon us! And other than feeling warm and fuzzy about what’s transpired in the past year, we can’t help but satisfy or… reward ourselves with some fancy purchases. Like how part of the fun is window shopping, we do a great deal of online browsing for our gifts, which do you think is more fun?

Please… welcome to, our boyfriends who’ll be picking out some things that they think we’ll likely love, from our online store of choice, AND vice-versa!  No harsh judgement or loss here, it being a jolly bit of merriment and most parts imaginary!

And what he had in mind while prepping to trawl through for 5 items that he thinks would fit me to a T:
“I think she’s missing more colours! Her wardrobe is a dark tunnel of grays, blacks, navys and even her more interesting prints are muted. I also think she could use some interesting pants. With a drop crotch or carrot fit and a kooky print perhaps. She’s got lots of tops and accessories, but most of her bottoms are not very exciting so pants it is!”

Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! Now on to what he picked out from the site which has obviously been trying to alter our buying behaviour by insinuating that everything there is a “need” and not “want”… (How how terrifyingly true is that?)

Pick #1:
“I think she could use a shirt like this because there’s some colour without being too loud.”
I’d wear it.

Pick #2:
These bottoms have such a trippy print in a neutral black and white. They look really comfy too!
Yes! But they may risk looking like pyjamas cos I’m no model.

Pick #3:
“Because it’s a sleeved dress and the colours are a refreshing change
I love this dress so much I actually pinned it here. Did you cheat?!

Pick #4:
Killer Andro vibes.
All kinds of yes.

Pick #5:
For the love of cats.
This is dangerous cos my sisters may steal this.

Alan, you’ll be glad to know that YOU PASSED! I’d gladly accept any of these virtual gifts, for real. Get the hint? 😀

Look out for my picks for him tomorrow, all from a neat Copenhagen-based store.

– Jo

Noel, Inspirations Parisienne by Dior

It isn’t quite Christmas until it snows, or for us the equatorial inhabitants, not until the lights are up. So when both line up in a faraway, fairytale place like Paris, you’ve got to give it some attention.

Dior distilled the ideal of Paris, the City of Lights into a sprawling decor at Printemps Paris for Christmas.  They drowned the facade in lights and Dior’s motifs, and dressed the windows with mannequins wearing their haute couture collection, but also dolls (74 of them might I add) in miniature versions of the couture pieces. All of this in 11 impeccably designed windows in 4 magical themes: a cosy stroll in a private mansion, an opulent ball at the Opera, a poetic winter garden, and a joyous festive outing. All of which I am unsure if I’ll ever have the fortune of experiencing in person, but am happy to share the visuals here because they are simply too gorgeous not to!

Along with the beautiful facades and displays, the Maison Dior has dreamt up some exclusive pieces available only in Printemps. You’ll find more of the amazing dolls and these items from Dior’s Noel collection here. Also, a behind-the-scenes video here. All, just in time for your mid-day viewing pleasure!

It’s FINALLY here!!!

Christmas arrived early this year. All the way from the United States of America, might I add… 😀

From Alexander Wang(.com) !!! ((:

And without question, it’s easily one of the most expensive presents I have received from a non-family member. Because if I included my parents into the circle, then they’d win because they bought me my education and holidays and school trips and clothes and food and a roof over my head and my comfy bed that I snooze in every night.

Sooo everybody, without further ado…

Meet Kirsten

She’s still a little shy. But more photos of her to come. Fo’sho!