Closet Clearout – All these have to go!

Sarah is clearing out her closet. My closet has simply run out of space and more importantly, the proceeds from this sale will go directly towards my ‘Send Sarah to New York’ fund. All the items are pre-loved. Some are thrifted, some are branded. If there are any issues with the piece, I’ll declare it outright. If you aren’t fully happy with it, send it back, no questions asked. But please remember, it’s going to a very good cause ūüėÄ

Terms & Conditions

Unless stated otherwise, item fits a UK8 (top). UK10 (bottom).

If you are interested in any item, send an email to with ‘Item Description’ as the title. Include your name, contact number and any questions you may have about the product. A confirmation email containing the bank account details and total amount to be transferred will be sent. Only after payment has been made (via bank transfer) will I mail out the item. Prices include mailing cost (within Singapore). If you would like the item to be sent by registered mail, please add another S$2.50.

Multiple purchases will get a further discount.

No reservations allowed.

Vintage Yellow Pleated Dress – $48

Fabric has sparse embossed leaf print.

Vintage Blue Dress – $48

Small thread pulls on fabric

Vintage Checkered Shift Dress – $28

Recommended for a UK6/8

Lining is starting to get a bit old.

Vintage Multi-print Dress – $18

Some bleeding of red onto fabric. Bought the dress like that (at a higher price somemore!!)

 Low-back Jumper with Zip detailing Р$18

*SOLD* Hansel Black Lace Halter Top Р$48 *SOLD*

Brown Pleated Shorts with Rivets – $28

Printed Blue Cropped Jacket – $78

Printed Dress with Red Piping – $18

Recommended for a UK6

Babydoll Flare Patchwork Dress – $28

Black Knit Dress with Drawstring Pockets – $28

Black White Contrast Dress with Tulip Hemline – $28

Recommended for UK6

Armani Exchange White Dress – $48

Fabric is slightly translucent. But nothing that nude underwear can’t fix.

*SOLD* Bossini Style Stone Grey Origami-fold Jacket Р$38 *SOLD*

Minor stains on front folds

Max Tan Two-tone Shirt Dress – $48

Dress is a slate grey. Comes out poorly in the photograph. Sorry!

Espirit Green Butterfly Flare Skirt – $18

Recommended for a UK6/8 (bottoms)

M)phosis Contrast Strip Mini Skirt – $18

Forever21 Stretch Mesh Top – $18

Zambesi Bloomers with pockets – $78

Fabric is delicate and has some pulls. Will update with more pictures.

Topshop Rust Sleeveless Top – $12

Hidden Agenda (Thailand) Asymmetrical Shirt Dress – $68

Recommended for a UK 6, or worn half-buttoned for UK 8

 Nicholas Draped Cropped Cardigan Р$48


Abyzz by Desmond Yang Two-way Poplin Top – $58

Top can be worn front to back or back to front (as shown). Best styled with a belt (not shown).

Abyzz by Desmond Yang Black Top Exaggerated Sleeve – $58

Sleeves fall differently when worn long or pulled up

Topshop Knightsbridge

Topshop stayed out of the mad Orchard Road frontage race, giving way to names like Forever21 and Zara at 313 Somerset, because nothing harks back to its British roots with an address like Knightsbridge.

Housed in the former Orchard Park Hotel is three storeys, 11,500 square feet of the high-street giant, with a wider variety that we’ve ever seen at ION Orchard or its old Wisma Atria duplex. This is the largest store outside of the UK and US. Plus! We get exclusive Knightsbridge-only pieces to celebrate the occasion, and tide us fashionably through the year-end festivities.

Is anyone in the queue outside Knightsbridge yet? There’s lots to be had! Here are some of the things that caught my eye, but! didn’t make it home with me.

Too bad for you the bartender eye-candy (their cocktails were a killer!) and cupcakes have already been consumed last night. Sorry there weren’t any leftovers!

Paper Doll

Lately, I haven’t been looking for unusual cuts or cool tailoring in my clothes. Instead, I’m all about the fabric, how it feels like between my fingers, against my skin. For one, Uniqlo‘s premium fine cotton jersey has the capacity to make me extraordinarily happy.

Now, I need to feel these unisex paper dresses by Nina Nikicio, from her Nikicio:Project 04. These are photographs by a collection of Singaporean and Indonesian photographers, printed on tear-proof, water/chemical resistant paper.

Not quite sure what to expect. Soft crinkly feel? Crunchy noises as I walk?

Available at the Nikicio webstore for US$43.

Picture credits to here.

Mountain climbing

Uh yes, you can always count on us to give tips on appropriate gear to scale a mountain hill.

Here am I, walking up the treacherous terrain of Holyrood Park that leads to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Choose leggings for maximum comfort and ease of movement. Wear shiny ones like mine, just in case you get lost and need emergency rescue – shininess aids visibility. Was still chilly in the morning so I had my boyfriend’s trench coat on. Useful to have since you can take it off after walking uphill for like two minutes cos you’ll start to perspire and then you can take it off, as per Exhibit B.

Washed denim oversized shirt-dress with cut-out shoulders (tied at hips), from Cheap Monday at Weekday. Hooded sports trench, from Giordano Concepts. Leggings, from Topshop. Boat shoes, from Sperry Top Sider. Bag, from Charles & Keith.

Remember to wear something that exposes your shoulders so you cool down quickly after a tiring climb.

Actuallyyyyyyy, I wanted to show you the blue sky (check!) and my cute shirt dress that I bought from Weekday in Copenhagen (though originally from Sweden), but just figured the photos are kinda too small and the shirt too light-coloured to see the details. O well.

I hope you have found this episode of What to wear to ascend a hill.

Photos by my boyfriend.

War with the Wardrobe

It’s official. The nondescript wood and vanguard structure procured from Ikea is slowly but surely unleashing its inhabitants into no man’s land. Such behaviour is totally uncalled for and Jo has declared war against the wardrobe.


I am seeking to oust up to 50% of the offending party because they have not served me well.

That said.

OMG! WHEN DID MY WARDROBE BECOME LIKE THAT? I never knew, or never could visualize an “overflowing wardrobe” till today. Desperate measure are to be taken.

Please tell me that your wardrobe looks like that too. And that you have given up on folding your clothes.. It’s er… normal right?

Crisis! Must detox.

Anyway, Sarah and I will most probably be taking part in FLEA TITAN III next Monday, courtesy of my sistaz who got major lobang for uz coz she’s in da hood. I don’t quite get what I just said.

Also, fashion week makes me fashion weak. I haven’t had time to pay attention to it.

Also, GO BACK UP ALL YOUR FILES NOW. My computer crashed and no amount of money can redeem my massive amount of pictures and music because the data recovery centre just rendered all my data “TOTALLY UNCOVERABLE”. I don’t believe there’s such a thing. I’m sure if I were a criminal they’d get it back.


Dong Dong Dong Qiang!

Chinese New Year is coming up! I’ve been running in advance (to gain ‘credits‘) and in anticipation that I’ll be eating a lot of yummy goodies *slurps* pineapple tarts!!! <3

If, like me, you have yet to purchase new clothes and want to pay homage to the Chinese heritage… You could consider My Mandarin Collar.



Located in the Holland Village area, they carry traditional Qi Paos and Cheongsams.




As well as a wide variety of non-traditional interpretations.



Over the past weekend, I helped out with a small charity fund-raising event: A silent auction accompanied by an informal fashion show, sponsored by My Mandarin Collar.


I wore a wonderful Qi Pao jumpsuit [that I am quite tempted to buy, although I was somewhat afraid of finding out its price.. :/ feeling very poor right now] (Jumpsuit not on My Mandarin Collar site yet)

Perhaps, I could buy it then hope that my ang pao money covers it’s cost (although I can’t believe I’m even contemplating this!! hahas)