The Clothes are Alive! Fashion is Dead!

Singapore Management University’s Arts Festival 2009 (Re|Present), they held a fashion show ‘The Clothes are Alive! Fashion is Dead!‘.

An exploration of the effect of time on clothing, the show featured 12 pieces by designers from LASALLE, NTU ADM, Temasek Polytechnic and SMU.


Some models, designers and artistic director, Lionel Roudaut.


Right: Angular Poncho/Dress made of tissue with acrylic blockouts and colour dye. (the dye will slowly seep onto the tissue, staining the fabric)

Left: Romantic cocktail dress with rose detailing. Stem belt and stem necklace.


Each designer had a unique interpretation the concept. Some pieces had perishables like vines, cabbage and roses.


Others incorporated materials and objects that wear away.


Other than the fashion show, the 12 pieces will be displayed along the SMU Concourse for all to bear witness to its inevitable change as time goes by. My only hope if that the perishables do not stink up the place too much!


I did not manage to capture all the pieces. (sorry!)

I was backstage helping out (as the powerpoint clicker!! such an important job, i know) But anyway. the dress code for crew was funky black.


Top: Zambesi Sequin Tank

Bottons: Tina Borg, with knee detailing

Bolero: Zouk flea ($9!)

Shoes: Charles & Keith (my feet hurt after being in them for 11hours)

All in all, the show was very well received. And I promise to update and document the changes to the pieces (:  So stay tuned!

Stark Difference

Allow me to spam some images here – I was pretty floored by these mind-boggling, hand-cut paper sculptures and insanely tedious, but happy felt tip marker on paper drawings. I hope you’re appreciate some good eye candy (:

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I think this is one of the reasons why I’m kinda intimidated, overwhelmed, but intrigued by art and fashion, because will always be these crazy/genius people keep finding better/newer/weirder/cooler ways to put a message across.

I’d never look at construction paper and magic markers the same way again!

fabulous can-tabulous

As promised, these are some photographs of an art project done in 2004.

sorry, i only have photos of photos :/

but maybe the more detailed shots shed more light..

The tree trunk and roots was where the bulk of the tabs were twisted into the sculpture. As well as the modified ‘leaves’ that spiral upwards and ‘change’ colour.

The branches, on the other hand, consisted mostly of wires with varying thickness weaved together.

The sculpture no longer exists, but the concept behind it was to create something (hopefully) beautiful out of something unassuming. Trees, i have always felt, are beautiful. (and i literally, would walk around school staring at trees to try understand how to shape my branches and also comment on which trees look nice and which didnt look as pretty)

During the experimentation stages of developing this idea, i even made a crude ring (of sorts). Not sure where it is though :/

But I must say that Maison Martin Margiela’s work, here, is very inspiring. I’d LOVE to see the pieces up close to see how its all put together. Whether the bands holding the tabs allow for movement. And if so, how does it stay in that position and not slip. And what was done to make sure that the wearer doesnt get scratched my the rough edges then the tabs are plucked off the cans!!

I’ll pick up the tab

I remember about 4 or 5 years ago, my friends and I would down a regular can of soft drink and then pluck out the can tab and keep it in our coin compartment of our wallet. All these can tabs would then go to Sarah, who was going to make a can tab/wire tree for her art project.

The idea was novel! It seemed so cool to make such a pretty thing out of something as insignificant and tiny as a can tab.

But look here!

When I saw Maison Martin Margiela’s Can Tab Cascade necklace, and bracelet and ring, I was instantly reminded of Sarah’s sculpture!

I think I might have to start forcing my friends to give me their can tabs too. DIY for the win!

Program Monogram

“Designer Gas Masks

We are in a state of perpetual war – with ourselves and with the eco-system that sustains us. Perpetual war breeds perpetual fear. In this present context, our fear stems from our extreme desire for authenticity and and manifests itself in our collectively insatiable culture of consumption

Deep down, we are afraid we may never be satisfied.
An extending branded myths and icons feed this fear.
Designer Gask Masks is an attempt to visualise this state of mind
Because it is only first by acknowledging
then challenging that we will be able to breathe a little easier.”

Pictures and text from via

I know this is art, for commentary’s sake.. and I love it for that.

I can kinda understand the branded mobile phones, tennis rackets and bicycles, but can you imagine if these gas masks were to really materialise and go on sale?!


These are a few of my favourite things

These are A FEW? of my favourite things?

I was looking up some photographs when I found Jeong Mee Yoon’s “The Pink Project”. Yoon was inspired by her 5-year-old daughter’s love for pink and decided to photograph all of her daughter’s favourite pink objects – be it toys, books or stationery. She went on to photograph other parents’ daughters and sons together with their favourite items.

Photos from

W. O. W. these kids sureee are lucky. They boys even have a hint of smug on their faces! I like spending money and shopping for myself, but I love buying/making gifts too. But having a kid is like, buying stuff for one whole other person! How will I bear to spend thattt much! I can’t imagine.

But why the pink for girls and blue for boys? What about all the colours in between! You know how infants have their photographs taken right after they’ve popped out, the girls are always in pink and the boys are always in blue, and all the gifts from friends and relatives are all colour coded.

When I have my own kids, I want colours like magenta, plum, lime green, canary yellow and all the other yummy colours.

Actually, I need all these colours in my cupboard now.

I put all my clothes into to cupboard, one consists of all the clothes with black and dark colours, the other with white and light colours.

You will see that I am in dire need of a wardrobe detox when I put up pictures, haha.

I think if I laid out all my favourites they’d form a very depressing grayscale. When I have an option of colour/print v black/white, I usually opt for the latter thinking it’ll be easier to match. Hell yea, now I have a lot of things in the same colour to match.

But it’s okay, I will stock up on PRINTS and BRIGHT HAPPY COLOURS on my trip to Hong Kong, in EXACTLY A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!