HarDior, not tardier

There’s this laid-back vibe with Dior Homme’s Fall 2017 collection that has a certain appeal. All the models exude this ‘too cool for school’ vibe and the layered looks don’t feel stuffy, but purposeful. To be honest, this model ‘gang’ look like they could throw some serious punches if provoked. hehs.

Jokes aside, the collection looks sharp and relaxed. Think this feeling is amplified by the styling Рmessy/lightly-styled  hair, sneakers and boots as well these boxy visor-glasses. In terms of my favourite looks, I especially like the stitching detail of the first look (below), and the bright orange lining of the trench in the second.

And can we just ogle at these glasses for a moment please…

All I can say is that these models are really werqing these babies. Because I think I’d be soooo self-conscious if I was waiting at a train station with these on. And how big would the case be?!

Credits: runway images, Dior via Safilo Group

Noel, Inspirations Parisienne by Dior

It isn’t quite Christmas until it snows, or for us the equatorial inhabitants, not until the lights are up. So when both line up in a faraway, fairytale place like Paris, you’ve got to give it some attention.

Dior distilled the ideal of Paris, the City of Lights into a sprawling decor at Printemps Paris for Christmas.¬† They drowned the facade in lights and Dior’s motifs, and dressed the windows with mannequins wearing their haute couture collection, but also dolls (74 of them might I add) in miniature versions of the couture pieces. All of this in 11 impeccably designed windows in 4 magical themes: a cosy stroll in a private mansion, an opulent ball at the Opera, a poetic winter garden, and a joyous festive outing. All of which I am unsure if I’ll ever have the fortune of experiencing in person, but am happy to share the visuals here because they are simply too gorgeous not to!

Along with the beautiful facades and displays, the Maison Dior has dreamt up some exclusive pieces available only in Printemps. You’ll find more of the amazing dolls and these items from Dior’s Noel collection here. Also, a behind-the-scenes video here. All, just in time for your mid-day viewing pleasure!


Yeap, 12 is indeed the most fashionable number now.

From tomorrow onwards, the magic maker at noon time, aka Reebonz, is giving away 12 bags on the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Simply guess which bag is gonna be the giveaway and stand to win it!

I got a bag wish that I know won’t come true. (okay, who doesn’t? but mine tops everybody’s!!!!!!)


The Proenza Schouler PS1!!!!!!

(insert super sad face)