Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

Maison Martin Margiela is shrouded in mystery. Everything from the invisible, picture-less founder, anonymous design team, to the pared-down, super discreet clothing badge against a mind-boggling archive of fashion deconstructed, when deconstruction was a new thing.

It seemed to me that one can only pine, after, not own a Margiela. I was super stoked to snag this pair of shoes at the Club21 sale a few years back, and after that it was just a distant, appreciative affair. Now I’m super stoked, and I am sure that is also the case with everyone else, that the Maison extends its collaborative vein outside of its cloistered team to H&M, to produce a “democratic” collection, in line with the Swedish giant’s ideal of “fashion for all”.

All the pieces in this collection are re-editions – not an exact copy, but a fresh interpretation of a what previously went down their runway shows. Even the idea of re-editions is not new, in fact the house has been prone to doing this, even showing an entire collection of reproduced classics in the early nineties. The fanatical, brand-naming, season-dropping persons, will be glad to know that they’ve labelled each item with their debut season.

The collection is reasonably, thought I can’t say affordably priced and that’s why I’m having so much trouble deciding what I need. Accessories from S$16.90, tops from $79.90, dresses, bottoms, outerwear from $159, leather jackets from $449, (very covetable) shoes from $199. Here’s a price list in S$ for you to download and peruse.

If you’re not going to join the queue on 15 November (which I’m sure the boys from Onesixtynotepad will own!), try your luck online, now on eBay (!!!) or on the day itself at H&M’s website.

Colour bars

Long-sleeved button-down blouse, US$9.99, from VolenskaVintage/etsy.

When I was young I’m usually up early (even during the school holidays) and wait for the children’s programme to start showing at 9am. But before that, I’d be staring at the television colour bars with the radio broadcast over it, followed by the Majulah Singapura. And that signalled that Sesame Street was gonna be aired in right about………………. now!

High-waist long skirt, US$24, from momodeluxevintage/etsy. Button-back long-sleeved blouse, US$13, from theappleseed/etsy. Wooden platforms with canvas stripe trim, US$42.50, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy. Double-breasted blazer, US$25, from joannaknowsomethin/etsy.

Pretty nostalgic stuff, eh? Maybe that’s why I love these multi-coloured stripes so much. To look at. Not to wear. It’d probably look nicer on you than me.

Best thing? They’re all silk.

Me and my unadventurous self – I’ll be sticking with these: ( Yes! Silk too!)

High-waist bermudas, US$24, from theprivateparty/etsy. Striped belted shirt-dress, US$38, from maxandchichi/etsy.

Picture credits to here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


Button-down high-waist skirt with pockets, US$45, from moonshinehill/etsy. Panelled long pencil skirt, US$119, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy.

A few clicks round serial time-wasters – etsy and ebay led me to some wholesome mustard/buttery-soft babies that is yellow leather.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not at all adventurous with colours. My wardrobe has been for a few years, decidedly monotone with hints of navy and peaches. But when I got more comfortable with colours, the part of the wheel that sat best with me was yellow. Like shriek! omg! you-picked-the-highlighter! sunshiney-hue! yellow.

Something about suede and leather just brings out this viscosity (can I actually say that?) in yellow.

Cargo shorts, US$49, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy. Buckle-side pencil skirt, US$18, from borrowedtimevintage/etsy.

Suede kinda gives it more of an egg-yolk/dirty mustard feel which I loveeee too.

Dolman-sleeved pintuck dress with zip-front, AU$29.99, from repeataftermeshop/ebay. Bomber jacket, US$49.90, from beauty-queen/ebay.

That said, proceed with caution and watch the black (black and yellow = bee = not human = not halloween either) you wear with it!

Picture credits to here, here, here, here and here.

Sass and Bide SS2010

I was looking at some runway reviews and found myself absolutely smitten with Sass and Bide’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Jo and I are no strangers to Sass and Bide. We worked at a store that used to retail some of their wares. Moreover, Sass and Bide is no stranger to our closets as well.

Known in Australia for their jeans, they’ve carved a name for themselves, Sarah Jessica Parker is a fan and they’ve sent their collections down the runways of New York and London.

I am in utter LOVE with their shoes.

Jo. This look is MADE FOR YOU.

And over-embellished as these pieces seem to be. I really like it.

And I’ll be trawling through ebay Australia like a maniac trying to get my hands and something, anything(!) from this collection. hahas.

I.LOVE.THIS.LOOK! <3! *swoons, salivates and squeals.



I’m trying to do the pervy just-say-a-6-pack-on-legs-with-a-totally-cute-face-walk-past hel-lo!

Can you tell?

Anyway, it’s because I’m welcoming this pair of Alaia’s to partake in my communion of height-enhancing footwear. And I won them on eBay at USD99 + 30 (shipping), with no other bidders.

No other bidders. Are you guys crazy or what?




My other Alaia is was a suede belt, bought for a dollar, with a price tag of $790, that now belongs to Sarah.

Okay now make a beeline to oogle at my shoes. I secretly hope everyone’s jealous ahhahahah. Hope they fit! (: