Dusting off

Why hello there… it’s been awhile. 3 years. This blog has been sitting (digitally) on a shelf, gathering dust.

A lot has happened to the blogscape since. Instagram . Snapchat. Filters. The rise of global influencers and the local disdain of influencers. But on a more personal front, I guess in the midst of the digital landscape changing, I felt that Wottoncool served no purpose as a ‘fashion blog’. Thus, the silence. But, here I am, dusting off and re-embarking on an adventure of carving out a space to not take myself too seriously and to journal my thoughts, document life experiences, share interesting nuggets of news – on anything that interests me. Not just fashion.

The plan is to trawl through the Wottoncool archives to share snapshots that may or may not have seen the light of day. And then to slowly update less infrequently. Followed by a fresh look as a digital journal of sorts (i’m not good with labels, but essentially, Wottoncool will transform to cover a wider variety of topics/themes/subject matter that more accurately reflects my interests).

So welcome, to the start of the Wottoncool reboot.



In collaboration with Elle Singapore and Canon, Jo & I (representing Wottoncool, obviously) and Dr Leslie Tay (ieatishootipost.sg) will be participating in an exclusive ‘Tips & Tricks’ sharing session. Needless to say, we are really excited about this small project.

Make a beeline to the nearest magazine stand and grab your copy of Elle Singapore (July)!

If you need more details on how you could attend this exclusive sharing session, let me know. (Right now, I’m rather lazy to type out the instructions)

More importantly!

What burning photography-related questions do you need answers to? Leave your comments, we’ll do our best to answer them. (:


Sugar we're going down

I brought along a few fashion magazines to calm my nerves before the driving test today. And I passed!!!! Must be the awesome fashionness.

I passed in time for the F1 night race in Singapore, LOL. Sarah and boyfriend are going for the race – what are you gonna wear?!?!?!

So while browsing, I discovered this look in Elle Singapore

Drop crotch, check
Booties, check (okay so a bit old, but still)
Miu Miu reawakening sportswear, check
Leather jacket, check
Fur collar, check

That’s kinda like all the season’s coolest trends rolled into one right? It’s cool, but it’s not the kind that makes you sit up and go “Ooooohhhhh”, at least until you find at that those friggin cool knit drop-crotch pants are actually a TURTLENECK DISGUISED?

I think I might drop by Sino London to try that top on as pants. Well if they fit nicely on the top too why not!

Kudos to the stylist, Tabitha. She always has this bohemian, anything goes vibe about her styling. And really, anything goes for her! She puts the strangest pieces together and they work. Sarah and I are closet fans.

I tried it on with a long-sleeved something from my cupboard

Top: Black oversized batwing hoodie with tie from Hansel
Top/Pants: Grey long sleeved boat neck batwing wool top with drawstring from Taiwan
Shoes: Dove grey T-bars from Bianca

I would actually wear these “pants” out if not for the ginormous hOle at the back because of the grey top isn’t exactly long enough to be hoisted up from the front or back. I just pulled and tucked the drawstrings in at the back for the sake of this photo haha.

And I love my new shoes from Bianca because I’ve been wanting to get T-bars for the longest time but I just never got to it! (I was under the influences that the high bar near my ankle would make my calves, or my legs in general look shorter and stumpier than they already are. But I think these look quite… okay)

If you were wondering why I had this Fall Out Boy song title as my post title.. The drop crotch just reminds me of it. I actually don’t like FOB, but I love this video (not the official music video) of this song. Please go watch it!