Near, far. Wherever youΒ are.

Outfit photo!

From the Parco@Millenia Media party and Pull and Bear events.

And taken at Changi Airport Terminal 3

busy busy day!!


Cool black drape-y long sleeve top: Abyzz by Desmond Yang
Navy Tank top: Uniqlo
Grey jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Charles and Keith
Bag: random Far East Plaza shop
Necklaces: from Perth and Israel
Malleable bracelet: gift from Jo
Rings: from Jordan and Pull & Bear

Pardon my inept description of the Abyzz top.

Basically, the sleeves have corners so that it creates a cool drape effect.


See! πŸ˜€

Its a new purchase, I have to show it off! :D:D:D

And my friends, helpful as they were holding up the sleeves and taking the photo all, were singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and re-enacting scenes from Titanic (“I’m flying Jack, I’m flying!!!”) as this photo was being taken.

They also kept trying to steal my accessories.. “Sarah, may I see your ring/bracelet?”

Hand it to them and 2 seconds later… “Thanks Sarah! See! Sarah just gave me her ring/bracelet? Nice right? ”


Love ya’ll anyways!

Plus One, Plus Two.

With the recent (and welcomed!) spike in invites to events and launches, which I first and foremostly attribute to our readers (THANK YOU!) and secondly to media and PR companies who have, because of our loyal readers, become a blip on their radars (:

At about the time of Uniqlo’s store opening at Ion Orchard, I had this idea…

I remember pre-Wottoncool days, reading and/or hearing about cool events, launches, parties, fashion shows, showcases and features and being so envious of these ‘lucky people’ who receive invites and get free stuff. (I mean, who doesn’t want free stuff right?!!)

And now that I have had the chance to be on ‘the other side’ with $100 vouchers from Uniqlo, getting behind the scenes glimpses, meeting up and coming designers face to face, enjoying “media discount” and enjoying special ‘event-only’ discounts and freebies, I would very much like to share these experiences as much as possible.

As such, I am going to do my very best to invite friends and readers to events as my way of saying thank you and sharing the lurrve <3!

And what better time to start than now?!

My first attempt and experiment was at the Pull and Bear event. Upon receiving the invite, I quickly choped my friend, Berton, who was the one lamenting and raving about P&B’s goods. After that, I asked very very nicely if I could bring a friend :D! hehes, brilliant order eh?

Well, the request was granted.. (YAY!!) and they even said ‘so I’ll plus two for you’ :D:D:D (YAAYYYNESS!!!!)

So on Thursday, three of us (Jo couldn’t make it) were at Pull and Bear, browsing, shopping and snacking A LOT! hahas.


Me and Berton. photographer: Lace.

I took a picture of Berton and Lace but there was a lighting FAIL moment. And at their requests, I am not putting that photo up.

At the door, we were given a $10 voucher each. ON TOP OF a storewide 15% discount.

Needless to say, they were happy and left with lighter pockets but happier hearts πŸ˜€

I hope to have more moments to share with readers too.

(Media peeps, if you are reading this.. remember it’s Wottoncool +2! Thanks!!!)

(Hoping to) share the love. (:

Whirlwind of a Week

Starting count from Thursday through to Saturday, my calendar has been BURSTING with ‘To Do’s

27 Aug, 2.30pm: Shopping date with friend
27 Aug, 5.00pm: Parco@Millenia Fashion Incubator Project Networking Session
27 Aug, 7.00pm: Pull and Bear@Ion Orchard event
27 Aug, 9.30pm: Send friend off at Airport
27 Aug, 11.30pm: Freshmen Bash

28 Aug, 3.45pm: Track training
28 Aug, 6.30pm: Friend’s 21st Birthday Party
28 Aug, 9.00pm: Another friend’s 21st Birthday Party

29 Aug, 2.30pm: Ecochic by Triump Workshop

Thursday was an exceptionally crazy day. And it didn’t help that I’ve been bitten by the flu bug. Yes. In my fevered state, I was still at Zouk till 3am.

I crashed on the couch at home later..

Which led my mom to ask the next morning, ‘Why is it that a third of your nights are spent on the couch? Do you want me to get a better couch so that you sleep better???’ hahas.

Yet despite the couch crashing, I still feel sleep-deprived. (Track training DOES NOT HELP btw!)


I’ll upload and update on the blog-able events..

Patience, young grasshopper. Stay tuned!

Titanic of a weekend

The Easter weekend is gonna be a busy one for both of us!


Thursday 9 April & Friday 10 April

Tampines 1
Opens TOMORROW! More retail and gastronomic goodness comes to the East (where neither of us live, but will frequent because of the great new concepts and new brands opening). Check out the Tampines 1 blog here and play the Spring to Life game to win vouchers or a Sony Vaio Notebook!

Need. We. Say. More. I’m going back on Thursday when it opens. I wanna change one of the pieces that I got on Monday. They’ve got 30 day exchange policy. Unlike most of the super ngiao (miserly) 3 or 7 days that local stores usually give. Isn’t that wonderful? (:


Be sure to get your daily dose of Uniqlo Surprise from here. You might win wallpapers, discount vouchers, or even a trip to Tokyo!

I only got the limited edition wallpaper today… Better luck tomorrow!


Click here if you wanna download it.


Saturday 11 April &Β  Sunday 12 April

The Flea Titan @ Mt Sophia
Why Titan? Because this flea promises to be the largest flea market ever (locally??? I’m not sure) as it congregates sellers from Singapore and KL for two afternoons of procurement of (potentially purposeful – if you convince yourself enough for some of the items) paraphernalia.

It will be held at Old School, 7 Mt Sophia. Pretty inaccessible by foot, if you ask me. Mostly due to the presence of never-ending slopes and stairs… but there will be shuttle buses to ferry lazy people (all fingers to Jo) from Plaza Singapura!

More information here.

My sister will be participating in this flea and she’ll be selling lots of delectable delights such as a pair of patent Doc Martens and some secondhand (but still very desirable) items. She kindly volunteered to help me sell some items too, so make sure you go down!

Take a look at what she’ll be selling here.


Then comes the less-than-savoury part of our weekend: Studying. Sarah’s got examinations and Jo’s got presentations next week. Boo.

This weekend is so much of a Titanic that we had to plan and write it out to sort out our thoughts. Still, we’re eagerly waiting for Fashionation‘s Things to Do this Weekend to add to our list! πŸ˜€

Did I just make you open nearly ten tabs on your browser? Bwahaha. What will you be busy with? (:

Lots to love and lots to do

Tis the time for your money to sneak out of your wallet faster than your year-end bonus can come in. Though some of you may be thinking… WHAT BONUS? RECESSION/BAD ECONOMY/HORRID PERFORMANCE/RETRENCHMENT! Gasp.

Still, you know you’d wanna make it to the many money-sucking events at the end of the year because you’ll never get as good a deal. Ah, the human (or woman?) psyche.

The Live Fresh Bash
15 November, Saturday, 2000-0000h

Haji Lane

ZDBSZZD86860EX live#52048B.fh11

The wholeee of Haji Lane, including Bianca and Soon Lee, will be up till 12am for this event by Live Fresh and magazine! I think it’ll be cute! sorta like a mini street party. Gotta be there.


Zouk Flea & Easy
16 November, Sunday, 1400-1900h

This edition of Flea & Easy will be held in conjunction with the Subura Impreza Challenge, and so all Subarus get a car wash!

But for those who have no concern with cars, Flea & Easy is always goooodddd, although it comes with a crazy crowd.

29 November, Saturday, 1600-2100h
Home Club

One word: GO! (spend some hard-earned but well-earned moolah, yo)

Bianca Invites You!

Bianca, the fabulous shoe boutique along the very wallet-unsavvy (according to an expensive research conducted by Sarah and Jo – they never leave the seemingly quiet ) Haji Lane is having a party to celebrate their new collection!

We’ll be there – (nudges madly) you should too!!

Other more important reasons why you should be there
– 10% off new collection, up to 50% off old collections
– You get to see it before other people do. You get discount.
– Bianca’s stuff is pretty exclusive. You get to see it before other people do. You get discounts.
– You almost wouldn’t find anyone wearing the same pair of shoes. Bianca’s stuff is exclusive. You get priority. And discounts.
– Food and friends!

Be the first 200 to RSVP to Bianca via email with the subject title “I’M GOING TO PARTY!”, name, email, contact, date of birth and home address by 27 October and get a goodie-filled goodie bag πŸ˜€

We’ve already RSVPed – hah beat you to it! πŸ˜›

Bianca is located at 44 Haji Lane. Contact them at