A Play on Prints

I am currently working in a marketing team for a school event happening early January 2009 (stay tuned for that!) and as part of the job scope, my team and I have been sourcing for printers to print all our material for the event.

So while out looking for stores and getting quotations, yesterday I wore


Top: Valley Girl, Perth

Bottoms: Baleno, ebay

Leggings: random store, AMK Hub

Trench: random store, Malaysia

Watch: Casio

Shoes: Charles & Keith (did not want to get my feet wet in the rain. AND IT RAINED THE ENTIRE DAY!!!)

which, although somewhat odd (in terms of the prints, colours and textures), somehow worked!

In light of that, on my second and more fruitful search for printers (because I did not realise that Monday was a public holiday and most of the stores were closed), I wore


Top: random shop, Sydney

Skirt: This Fashion (for $2!!)

Belt: Alaia

Watch: Casio

Shoes: Andre Valentino

With a polka-heart top, textured belt and indian-inspired motif skirt, it was a stretch for my usual print-per-outfit tolerance level. But it is part of the fun to challenge myself and what I think I would (and would not) wear.


Out and About

Sarah’s been busy with mid-terms..

But as mentioned earlier, here, doesn’t mean i don’t dress up!!

So here is a MASS compilation of outfit photos!!!

Destination: Flea-tique @ Singapore Art Musuem

Dress: Zouk Flea n Easy find (worn previously here)

Knit Vest: Gift

Belt: Cotton On (Sydney)

Shoes: with floral cutout details from Robinsons

Tried to do something ‘3.1 Phillip Lim’-esque like what i saw here, with my belt tie too. (: not as elaborate though..

Destination: Formal Lunch Event/Black Market @ House

Blouse: G2000

Lace Vest: Flea-tique find <3!

Jeans: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Bianca

Destination: School, with Monday (lazy day) Blues

Top: Warehouse in Hong Kong (gift)

Bell-sleeve Tunic: Flea-tique find!

Leggings: Random AMK Hub store

Shoes: Asics

Camera Case: Canon (don’t know why i was holding it!)

Destination: School

Top: Sister’s

Jumper with zip details (the pants part is detachable): Black Market at House find!

[I promise a clearer picture soon!!]

Anyway, as Jo mentioned, I did attend all three days of the F1 weekend. (although, i dressed more like a race marshal than anything else. hahas. I am such a geek. [lousy & blur F1] photos soon!)

Pile it on

When i woke up this morning, I knew that it’d be a cold day.

So i took the opportunity to experiment with some layering.

Top: Loose Bell-Sleeve Blouse from Robinsons,

Silver knit racer-back tank as pullover (gift)

Bottoms: Grey Leggings from AMK Hub,

Green Mini Skirt from Valley Girl

Shoes: Boots from Charles & Keith

First thing my sister said when she saw me, “you look warm”  (mission accomplished!)

and as suspected, school was cold today. Even dressed like that, I felt cold 🙁

Drop it

Earlier, I wrote about my fear/apprehension towards drop-crotch pants here.

But I thought I’d slowly ease my way into embracing it

Top: Blue Star & Flower Print Cap Sleeve Top by Valley Girl

Bottom: Giodano Khakis (which i unearthed from my drawer)

Bag: Blue & White Striped canvas bag from Sketch (gift from mom)

Shoes: Asics

Although it does not look it, the khaki shorts were loose and low (read: drop crotch. or at least it felt like it)

And this is the only photo that i thought looked nice. yes. i think i may have self esteem issues. hahas.


Do you sometimes find yourself dressing to match your accessories? Especially when it comes to unique finds?
Well, my glove obsession grows… this time, its a short driving glove. I like the space above the wrist. It reminds me of a pair that was part of a ck ad a long (long) time ago.
Look 3:

Look 4:

more of my non-tropics-friendly loves are emerging. 🙂 trenchcoats, boots, gloves. *wills for snow in singapore!* hahas.

Resistance is futile!

Since my holidays are here, I thought I’d give polyvore a shot.

Look 1:

Look 2:

both looks central around the long blue gloves with button details. (I have a tendency for loving non-tropical-climate-friendly clothing, but what the heck!) and i find myself second guessing my choices. especially the second look, with dr. martens and that hat. :/ but, to me, they look ok.

and the more i look at ’em dr. martens, the more the beckon me to buy them!!! (i can just imagine jo saying ‘resistance is futile!!!’ hahas.) How much ARE dr. martens?