HarDior, not tardier

There’s this laid-back vibe with Dior Homme’s Fall 2017 collection that has a certain appeal. All the models exude this ‘too cool for school’ vibe and the layered looks don’t feel stuffy, but purposeful. To be honest, this model ‘gang’ look like they could throw some serious punches if provoked. hehs.

Jokes aside, the collection looks sharp and relaxed. Think this feeling is amplified by the styling – messy/lightly-styled  hair, sneakers and boots as well these boxy visor-glasses. In terms of my favourite looks, I especially like the stitching detail of the first look (below), and the bright orange lining of the trench in the second.

And can we just ogle at these glasses for a moment please…

All I can say is that these models are really werqing these babies. Because I think I’d be soooo self-conscious if I was waiting at a train station with these on. And how big would the case be?!

Credits: runway images, Dior via Safilo Group

Falling for

Typically, Fall/Winter collections conjure imagery of an Autumn palette – supple hues of apricot, tangerine and honey, warm chocolate, cold concrete and the like. However throw caution to the wind and chuck your paradigms at the door with D&G Fall Winter 2011 Men’s and Women’s collections.

Channeling all things Americana pop culture – from Coca Cola to Walt Disney, striking primary colours popped at the Mandarin Gallery outlet as patrons shopped with extra comforts like Coca Cola served in mini-glass bottles, fried heaven-in-your-hand finger foods from Hard Rock Cafe. Thought the extra touch of the DJ spinning only American tracks was a really clever touch!

My favourite picks were from the Menswear section, yet again and again and again.

The sportswear panelling in primary colours on this jacket is irresistible! And my other favourite were these calfskin high cut lace-ups sneakers. I’d wear these babies in a heartbeat!


And what with the world economy diving into the dumpsters and D&G folding into Dolce and Gabbana, thought I’d merge my D&G experience with this new Dolce & Gabbana top I purchased some time ago via Reebonz.

Worn together with H&M pants (not shown), a Marilyn Tan lambskin cuff and leather bracelet (gift)


Topshop | Topman Fall Winter 2011

With the overwhelming turnout, blazing lights, blaring music and beast of a runway to boot, Topshop and Topman showcased their Fall Winter 2011 collections.

Couldn’t really see the clothes up close because of the hordes of people eagerly peering away, like myself. But thanks to my Dr. Martens wedges, my lanky limbs and some shamelessness, I managed to get these shots.

I am excited by this revisiting notion that more is more. That you can be more covered up and pull off an extremely sexy look. It’s hard to disagree, this model exudes elegance in this simple V-shaped neckline, cropped sleeves lined in faux fur and sheer speckled tights, no?

Y’knw, leave more for the imagination to run wild. 😉

Even with this mid-drift baring top, it still possesses a cape-like quality that I really like. This notion of cover and protection from the elements. Of showing just a sliver of skin, that’s the seduction. Styled with the cropped skinny pant, it’s a nice contrast of showing some skin and covering up, of large bloaty floaty shapeless top with a fitted pant. Yin & Yang. Balance. (2am writing produces incoherence and stunning lack of sentence structure. Sorry!)

The challenge with such proportions and styling, is fit. What may be a skirt for them may be a full-on maxi dress for someone (to put delicately) vertically challenged. Fact is a fact, an average Asian girl does not hail from the same planet as these five-feet-five glamazons strutting what their mommas gave them. My fear is that attempts to mimic and re-interpret these lengthy looks will end up in one hot mess, swimming in these stretched proportions.

Styling-wise as well, the girls all sported slicked back hair with low ponytails. And as the show progressed, couldn’t help but feel pang of pity for them, donning Fall/Winter garments in an outdoor, non-air conditioned setting. Could see their foreheads and hairline get shinier with each outfit change.

Needless to say, they were melting inside.
But still looked so.damn.good.

Where is the justice in this world?!


Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2011

Caught a curious case of Disco Fever at Marc by Marc Jacobs yesterday evening.

The showcase of their Fall/Winter 2011 collection featured high-collared knits, thick coats, chevron-print/sequins cardigans and mid-calf skirts (my favourite!) in a flurry of sophisticated shades of earthy goodness and haloed hues of jewel tones.

Rather than a typical catwalk, to the beats of Funky Town, It’s Raining Men and the like, the models grooved out, having a blast doing their dance and making really funny faces! hahas.

See more photos here!

Uniqlo’s +J Fall/Winter 2010

A new collection of Uniqlo’s +J has been at 313 Somerset, and while the rest of the world have been taking all the previous collections hook, line and sinker, the fluffy coats and pressed shirts on the racks stay just the way they are over here. On the racks.

Sure, the clothes looks sleek and gorgeous in the campaign starring Raquel Zimmermann and in person, well-made and comfortable, but somehow we’re just not turning in money at the cashier. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or price (!!?!?!?) that’s keeping my fellow countrymen from picking them up because I can hardly speak for myself.

This shawl-collared wool jacket and long-sleeved shirt with a detachable, pleated placket are my favourites from Fall/Winter 2010. But! they didn’t make it home with me… since the former costs an arm and a leg at S$249.90, and while the latter is a delectable S$79.90, I’m still on the fence.

Maybe I just can’t get over how different it looks on Raquel Zimmerman and me. Maybe when the red stickers go on the price tags.