Model for Hope 2011

For all fashion’s apparent frivolity, I believe the need to remain grounded to the community and aware of our surroundings. In Kelly Cutrone’s ‘If you need to cry, go outside, she briefly wrote about the days following September 11 in 2001 and the fashion industry’s scaling back of New York fashion week.

On one hand, it is insensitive for the show to go on, with all it’s extravagance and luxuriousness in light of the tragedy of September 11.

But on the flipside, what better way than fashion to start lifting people’s spirits and planting this sense of hope…

Similarly, yesterday evening 40 students/volunteers/friends/good looking peers walked in a well-choreographed show entitled ‘Model for Hope 2011’ with clothes provided by the Parco designers (Their runway soundtrack was pretty awesome too) in their bid to raise awareness and funds for human trafficking and sex slavery in Cambodia. The night was ushered in by a mini concert courtesy of SIXX, who flew back from Thailand especially for the event. And then a premixed trance/techno + live drummer (+ random screaming guy) *first two parts of the equation were really good*.

I like that the styling was slightly more conceptual than what the audience might have expected. Made it feel more artsy rather than a popularity contest/pageant. And it looked like they were having a blast on stage, at times unsure about their cues, but I can look past that. It’s for charity anyway (:

Felt somewhat guilty that I couldn’t rattle off the names of all the designers based on the clothing, guess I’m not sufficiently attuned to their design aesthetics and have not visited their stores in awhile.

That being said, I’m might impressed by Pauline Ning’s construction and I always have a soft spot for L’ile aux Ashby. Also saw a leather cuff that I would like to own, don’t know who designed that piece though.

All in, hope to see more of such events where fashion becomes a vessel to impact change on important issues. And I also secretly hope to somehow get my hands of the runway track. Thumbs up to the masterminds behind the event!

On a side note, that day’s outfit included a Zara Women shirt layered with a silver necklace purchased from Cambodia and a jade pendant. (Not pictured are Dzojchen black denim jeans and Dr. Marten wedges)

All this ‘for a good cause’ talk makes me seriously consider taking time off work to volunteer. And I challenge you to do so as well.

If I’m incoherent, I apologize. Please understand though, it’s 4am as I write this.

AA Meeting

We might as well have been drunk from the good food, great ambiance, amazing energy and beautiful clothes. A cohesive combination of unpretentious structured masculinity and flirtatious femininity from Al & Alicia.

Against the backdrop of Old School, the Al & Alicia team held a Private Party for loyal fans. A round of munchies, mingling and an L-shaped runway later, we were treated to a showing of their collection in muted yet delicious hues of dusty nudes, sand, gray, charcoal and frost white with the occasional pop of colour, of course.

Inspired by the idea of replicating that one crazy night, an after-party where the uber cool and effortlessly chic have sipped their share and the room pulsates with uninhibited energy and frivolous laughter. (I’ve had plenty of crazy nights this Christmas week!) Private Party, their third feature collection, is described as ‘vulnerably, sexy, smoky, sleek and sassy (and) unpretentiously cool.’

Personal favourites were a two-toned tank dress, circle skirt, mesh leggings and the purple oxfords which you can see here.

NEXT Please! II

Have you heard of the jingle “I am slowly going crazy, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SWITCH! – Crazy going slowly am I,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SWITCH!”? It kinda goes on and on and drives me and the people around me insane. I’ll sing it to you the next time.

Anyhoo, Terry Yeo’s label is called ForInsaneHuman. So it must be meant for me. Even though it’s menswear. I. Need.

Who da man.

There’s a certain allure about a white-out. Your eyes kinda just zoom into the details – like the overlapping fabrics of varying translucence and the knitted ropes draped all over..

Lookie it fits me so swell! (and also induces a spurt of cheesy grins and overall happy dayz.)

I think this might be the first booth I scoot to in Parco’s Fashion Incubator. I chope!

Wottoncool @Uniqlo, Somerset 313

Bloggers were out in full force at Uniqlo’s From Tokyo to Singapore Fashion show at the Ritz Carlton and Somerset 313 store preview.

(Sorry readers, don’t have time to write an extensively long or elaborate post. I have to be in school by 8am tmr and I don’t know how I’m going to achieve that)

In the meantime, here are some photos! (:


Yes, I have a perfect reason for my irresponsible absence in these few months, and this is it!


Er yea, two dresses… Project Runway participants can churn out almost-couture in a day or two, but yes I needed a few months to draw, plan, decide and (attempt to) sew a raglan sweater dress with ginormous sleeves and a maxi dress with a corset belt thing. Very simple shapes cos as it is, I cannot sew. I didn’t know how to operate a sewing machine. And when I got to learning, it was on one of those huge table-like vintage ones with pedals, which is probably older than I am.

So how did all this come about? The student union decided that in order to promote their active, wholesome, holistic, all-rounded student body, a fashion show would do the trick, heh.

They posted an annoucement looking for student fashion designers who would design two outfits. The theme was “bright colours” and my first thought was, uh-oh. But my friend and I decided to join anyway!

I don’t have much to say about the runway show itself, but I’m glad I joined because I completed two dresses, which I wouldn’t have done so otherwise because nothing can get my lazy self movin’.

Pictures from the rehearsal.


I tried to copy Ungaro’s SS08 two-tone lips on my models. I think I lurve it. They were making lipstick prints on Kleenex with their lip colours cos it looked so kewl.

Boizzzz, would you kiss a girl with lips coloured like that?

Unlike many people (like etsy sellers) who proclaim that their clothes are professionally serged with love, I can only assure you of the most noob or sewing in my dresses. (Except for the long dark grey one because my aunt did it for me :D)


Zuper tall and leggy Lynette with Sharmaine.

Basically, I did not have any grand idea whatsoever. I only knew that I had a bright colours theme and I wanted to use neon.

Then there came bits of Susie Bubble‘s heather grey+neon confections, recalling my horrors of seeing neon yarn, cross stitch string and netting in my childhood, and a bad attempt at embroidery for a cheesy something for my boyfriend 😛

I actually told the hosts that ooohhh I was inspired by sportswear and all that jazz, but seriously, it’s as random as random gets.

I quite like the texture that I got from weaving the yarn and netting. Haven’t got a chance to get a proper close up.


The hat was from Accessorize and I paid no more than $12 for it. It was on a 70% discount. I say the above in past tense not only because the deed was already done, but because IT IS MISSING!!!!!!!

I couldn’t find it the night before the show and I was totally phreaking out (doesn’t freaky sound more emphatic with ‘ph’ instead? lol).

Anyway I did without it.


(Please ignore the tumourous/intestinal-looking thing around Kelly’s waist. It was a belt work-in-progress.)

You know what, looking at Michelle’s dresses makes me feel colour-impaired. I lurve the colours she used in her dresses! Yes we all know the thing about complimentary colours, but I wouldn’t have come up with something like that.

Btw, she designs very lovely jewellry too 😀

Pictures from the actual day.




Makeup on the actual day done by one of my best friends, Praveena 😀

Sorry their faces look kinda skewed. That’s what wide angle lenses do to you.


Happy faces after the show. This is actually the least tired-looking ones out of the lot!

More to come!


Sports has grown into something so scientific and researched into it’s no longer just maintaining physical fitness or overall health.

Sports also has grown into something about being body conscious – how you look while doing it, and how you look after doing it.

Yesterday, Sarah and I were treated to a fashion show by Puma, in conjunction with Marina Square’s Lead the Fashion Revolution.






There were some really cute shoes – sneakers, half sneakers, canvas boat shoes and sporty ballet flats that caused mini heart attacks because I couldn’t get good photos of them, and I wanted them (the shoes, not the photos) so bad!




It was a fun, laid-back, preppy-sporty show that got people scurrying to the store right after the fashion show to enjoy the 15% discount storewide!

We too went into the store after the show, but by the time I decided to valiantly reward myself with a pair of happy crayola coloured sneaker, they were all sold out in my size.

Puma’s got a HUGE event coming up at Zouk. Stay tuned!