Things to do – 16 & 17 Nov

Sharing these events happening this weekend

1. Saturday, 16 November 2013 – Percentile @ Scape Ground Theatre

Brands to look out for – Hansel. By Central Saint Martins graduate, Jo Soh’s quirky label is arguably Singapore’s most successful local female womenswear designer. Look forward to unique prints, packed with personality, on work-appropriate separates and dresses. Sue Comma Bonnie. BEAUTIFUL shoes!!! Need I say more? Well, if you are curious, they are the Korean equivalent of Jimmy Choo. Worn by all the Korean celebrities and starlets. Iconic for their hot pink soles. Mae Pang. A personal favourite, please visit the booth only AFTER I’ve raided it, thanks.

There are also brands for the boys – sifr and Drifters. And I believe Konzepp will have some cool accessories like watch straps, wallets and notebooks for guys to geek out over. But no guarantee what products they’ll be bringing down on Saturday.


2. Sunday, 17 November 2013 – Zouk Flea’n’Easy.

Zouk Fleas are always a wildcard, but you can bargain, people-watch, see the interior of Zouk when you aren’t so intoxicated. Hey, whatever floats your boat! Have managed to score some pretty neat finds in the past. Worth a shot if you have an hour or three to kill.

Advice: For Saturday and Sunday, wear comfy clothes tt would allow you to try stuff on with ease and BRING CASH.

3. Sunday, 17 November 2013 – Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2013

LSGC 2012 - 2

The crown jewel event of local turf, Longines Singapore Gold Cup, will return for the fourth year on Sunday, November 17 at the Singapore Racecourse. With a prize-money of S$1.35 million, the Longines Singapore Gold Cup is one of the most anticipated and prestigious races in the region. Guest-of-Honour Mr. S.R Nathan, former Singapore President, will grace the charity luncheon organized in conjunction with the event, to raise funds for Grace Orchard School, a social service programme under the care of Community Chest. Tickets start from $6 for the Lower Grandstand.

For more information, please visit

Never been to a horse race before, but I half-hope it does and doesn’t look something like this.


On one hand, it’d be an amazing set to walk onto. On the flip side, I’d have nothing to wear.


Schoolyard Dreamscapes

Typically, I steer clear of prints. My closet comforts involves a basic top in basic white or black with a basic skirt, pant or jeans. I’m absolutely guilty of a one-note when I’m off duty. In fact, my last offense was on Friday when I accompanied ONESIXTYNOTEPAD boys, Dinie and Ridhwan, to SPCA.

Case in point: Basic black top + basic skirt = BASIC.

A custom print can really creates a unique footprint as Jo mentioned here. And with a fashion week street style queens like Miroslava Duma, Anna Dello Russo, Michelle Harper and friends secretly planning a world domination coup, albeit one amazing picture at a time, I thought it’d be fitting to board the bandwagon and adopt more prints.

And even in the spectrum of prints. I’m still building up the courage for a full-on hyper-realistic prints like Christopher Kane’s gorilla, mandrill or crocodile; or super bold and super graphic Mary Katrantzou; or even a full print on print ensemble a la Marni or Dries Van Noten. Instead I’m still at Prints101, never straying far from the muted, geometric prints that any fashionable wallflower (oxymoron?) wouldn’t mind wearing.

Cue the entry of this particularly lucky find at Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store in New Jersey, a very well curated vintage store, which I highly recommend should you ever find yourself in the New Jersey/New York area. There was something very fun and funny about this print and for S$30, I figured why not take the risk.

A dreamily molten meld of vanilla yellow, blue-grey and sky blue as the rolling landscape for a simple town, complete with buildings and horse-drawn carriages. Had the colour way been any brighter, I probably would have thought against it. The flattened town reminded me of the bible(!) I imagine Jesus walking into a town, wearing his Jesus sandals, and seeing a town something of this sort: Wide roads, short flat buildings, clustered along the road. Or ‘linear settlements’ as we learnt in Geography class. (JW Anderson would be proud!)

And worn together with the JW Anderson for Topshop pinafore, S$159, and stegosaurus badge (a flea market find), US$15. I feel like it’s my first day at Prints, module 102. Bolder prints, here I come!!



$1 & $2 Goodness SPAM

Jo and I participated in Flea Titan on a whim and in an attempt to clear our closet plus to get some moolah (for more beautiful things).

Damn the economic crisis.

I was a bit busy and preoccupied to take during and after shots of the flea so I only have before shots to share…

Picture 020

We had some technical difficulty setting up the rack.

But thankfully it held up!

(At the booth next to ours, the rack literally broke! 0.0! and adjacent to our booth, their rack kept swaying :/)

Picture 021

Our table + rack. Fully utilized.

Picture 022

Everything in the bucket/tub went for $1 each. (and there were ppl still trying to bargain and be fussy at $1. seriously?! hahas)

Towards the end, in her bid to not bring home her stuff was giving her stuff away, shouting ‘Free shoes! Free clothes!!!’ and I swear everyone within earshot froze in their tracks and stared at her in disbelief. hahas. it was quite funny.

All in all a fun day… even though food was nightmarishly expensive!

Thank you for supporting Wottoncool’s $1 and $2 goodness! (:

B THR OR B [ ]


Place: House, 8D Dempsey Road
Date: 21st September (Monday – Public holiday)
Time: 1pm to 7pm
How to get here:
There will be 4 shuttle buses (45 pax) from the Thai Embassy beside Lido (Orchard) to House Dempsey.

The flea is actually on 20th and 21st September, but WOTTONCOOL (aka Jo and Sarah), will only be there on 21st September, 1 – 7 pm.

We bring the spirit of our favourite $1 thrift/charity store to you so that you can enjoy some awesome $1 goodness! (or maybe $2, but still, STEAL OKAY????)

Expect shooz (mostly size 39/40), clothes, (variable S/M/L), bags, accessories, and maybe some stuff for the guys too!

More “designer” stuff like Hansel, Baylene, Munk will be very affordably priced from $30 onwards, which is about 90% off the original price?!?!?!??!

Cash only! Unless you have a Donna Karan Eldridge bag to swop with Jo..

B THR OR B [ ].

Flea & Easy – Beauty and Feast Edition

Last Wednesday,

whilst hopping between Mambo and Phuture with some friends from school,

I noticed…

Flea and Easy

Flea & Easy – the Beauty and Feast Edition

2 August 2009, Sunday

2pm to 8pm

Zouk, Phuture and Wine Bar

In my very sleep-deprived state, I could do with some pampering and retail therapy!

(a.k.a. Another reason to shop and indulge! :D)

Titanic of a weekend

The Easter weekend is gonna be a busy one for both of us!


Thursday 9 April & Friday 10 April

Tampines 1
Opens TOMORROW! More retail and gastronomic goodness comes to the East (where neither of us live, but will frequent because of the great new concepts and new brands opening). Check out the Tampines 1 blog here and play the Spring to Life game to win vouchers or a Sony Vaio Notebook!

Need. We. Say. More. I’m going back on Thursday when it opens. I wanna change one of the pieces that I got on Monday. They’ve got 30 day exchange policy. Unlike most of the super ngiao (miserly) 3 or 7 days that local stores usually give. Isn’t that wonderful? (:


Be sure to get your daily dose of Uniqlo Surprise from here. You might win wallpapers, discount vouchers, or even a trip to Tokyo!

I only got the limited edition wallpaper today… Better luck tomorrow!


Click here if you wanna download it.


Saturday 11 April &  Sunday 12 April

The Flea Titan @ Mt Sophia
Why Titan? Because this flea promises to be the largest flea market ever (locally??? I’m not sure) as it congregates sellers from Singapore and KL for two afternoons of procurement of (potentially purposeful – if you convince yourself enough for some of the items) paraphernalia.

It will be held at Old School, 7 Mt Sophia. Pretty inaccessible by foot, if you ask me. Mostly due to the presence of never-ending slopes and stairs… but there will be shuttle buses to ferry lazy people (all fingers to Jo) from Plaza Singapura!

More information here.

My sister will be participating in this flea and she’ll be selling lots of delectable delights such as a pair of patent Doc Martens and some secondhand (but still very desirable) items. She kindly volunteered to help me sell some items too, so make sure you go down!

Take a look at what she’ll be selling here.


Then comes the less-than-savoury part of our weekend: Studying. Sarah’s got examinations and Jo’s got presentations next week. Boo.

This weekend is so much of a Titanic that we had to plan and write it out to sort out our thoughts. Still, we’re eagerly waiting for Fashionation‘s Things to Do this Weekend to add to our list! 😀

Did I just make you open nearly ten tabs on your browser? Bwahaha. What will you be busy with? (: