I’m not one for excessive sweets. In fact, certain types of sweets and flavourings makes my head hurt. Usual suspects are grape, melon, strawberry (sometimes), basically anything too artificial-tasting.

So when Cake Avenue invited me to the tasting session for their new dessert menu inspired by classic American diner foods of the 60s and 70s, I was a little bit scared and skeptical. Would it be too sweet? But if I don’t try, I wouldn’t know yeah??

Alphabet Soup was first item served.


Firstly, it really looked like Alphabet soup!! And everyone at my table had already tucked into half their servings when I arrived (slightly late! Oops!) and they were raving about how good it was. This lycee mousse with lycee and raspberry chunks was really delicious and well-balanced. Highly recommend trying this.

The Matcha Unicorn, was a little too sweet for my liking. I think it could be topped with more matcha powder. But very photogenic, obviously. Do check out their other flavours – Blush (Strawberry) and Sunshine (Mango & Vanilla).

Diner Sliders – dark chocolate ice cream ‘burgers’ sandwiched by vanilla butter cake ‘buns’, served with raspberry sauce, masquerading as ketchup, and passionfruit sauce disguised as mustard. I really appreciate the little detail of white sesame in the top ‘bun’. Without thinking too much about it or realising, I finished the entire slider. Yums! The slider is also served with a side of fries (seen in lower picture).

Another one worth trying, and possibly my favourite of the lot, The Great Con-Dog. Made to look like a corndog, this warm dessert filled with sweetcorn custard is crusted in bread crumbs and fried *slurps!* I think I like it most because it is both sweet and savoury. Served with strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

The last item was the Nachos Dulces. Dessert nachos anyone? This was probably the most interesting of the lot. The nachos are actually a crispy flatbread. And the dish is served with chocolate mousse, peach, strawberry compote and pistachio ice cream, playing the roles of ‘beans’, ‘cheese’, ‘salsa’ and ‘guacamole’ respectively.

This menu is available from 1 September 2017 onwards.

Cake Avenue is located at 33 Lorong Kilat #01-01/02, Kilat Centre, Singapore 598132 (nearest MRT: Beauty World)

Follow Cake Avenue on instagram at @cakeavenuesg

Taking on the Philippines Part 1

The Philippines is uncharted territory for me. I have no notion of the food, the people (except how Tagalog sounds like…), the attractions, how the streets may look, and also no one to clue me in on them. I’ve always been a city girl, I shun the sun, sand, sea, and sports, to look for food and shopping. When the folks at AirAsia very generously proposed a trip to the Philippines, I might have accepted it a little too excitedly 😛 The itinerary of Clark, Pampagna, Angeles City, Boracay, landed on my lap shortly after and I recognized only Boracay. Everyone knows Boracay promises awesome white beaches, but I decided not to look up the rest too in depth, to set myself up for surprise! This is probably my first trip out of high school that involves little shopping (and therefore no fashion).

In the province of Pampanga are neighbouring cities Clark and Angeles City. Clark is a former US airbase (from early 1900s to 1991), sparsely built and populated but still thick with American influences (even cowboy ones!). Old, low-lying barracks and airplane hangars have been converted into chilled-out cafes and duty-free stores, interpersed with quiet business buildings. It’s unpolished but alluring, an unusual sight for us who are used to the squeaky clean, meticulously planned towns of Singapore.

There is a lot of Filipino food to be had here, and it tastes much like a mish mash of Malay, Chinese, Spanish and American elements. The most popular in Pampanga is sisig, a sizzling dish of pork cheek and some other parts which may not whet your appetite if mentioned, but is just as delectable to me. Their devotion to this dish is such that there’s a festival every December! Another favourite of mine is is garlic fried rice, along with a sweet-spicy sausage called logganisa.

We visited two malls, Marquee and SM, which are great for getting cheap and good! manicures, massages, last minute beach buys like toiletries, light clothing etc. You can also go horse-riding and visit their quaint assemblage of miniature parts of Philippines (past and present day), called Nayong Pilipino. I’d love to visit Mount Pinatubo, best described in guide books and travel sites as “a volcano within a lake (of bluest water) within a volcano”. Mind boggling stuff.

Within Clark, AirAsia also provides shuttles between the airport and city, and a low-cost Tune Hotel just 15 minutes from the airport. I wouldn’t stay more than a day or two here though, because Clark leads you to so many other interesting places, whether by bus (to Anilao, Hundred Islands, Subic Bay) or another flight connection, like we did on another AirAsia flight to Boracay via Kalibo.




















Look out for Part 2 which chronicles our time in, wait for it… Boracay baby! In the meantime, check out the pics we posted along the way, either on Instagram, #airasiasgcrk, or just click here.


Yet another scrumptious spread at JTG with some of the bloggers. Their cheese platter with truffle honey is perhaps the second-closest thing to heaven, next to their gimme-another-10-slices-please! carrot cake love.

Photos by OSN

Wottoncool at Tampines 1 Official Opening

Picture 007

Jo and I attended the Official Opening of Tampines 1 on 17 July 2009.

Picture 001

Held on the Tampines 1 Mall Rooftop, the area was transformed with pretty tentages (the weather has been very erratic) and multitudes of industrial-standard coolers and mist machines to keep guests cool and happy.

Picture 012

And that is not forgetting the elaborate decorations…

Everywhere you turned, there was something interesting and eye-catching to oogle at.

Picture 017

And lets not forget the food!!!

Smart move to have mall tenants provide food for the event. I’m not much of a foodie, but without a doubt, two thumbs up (!!!) it was really good. (:

There were macaroons,  J.Co mini donuts and Bakerzin desserts…

Picture 009

drooling yet? 😀

Picture 010

There were also three sushi chefs stationed there for the entire evening, frantically folding, rolling, pressing, cutting, arranging sushi for guests to eat. (Thank you sushi chefs, you are appreciated!)

Picture 011

Picture 024

We soaked up the atmosphere and ate the our food to a live 4-piece ensemble who serenaded through the night.

Picture 015

Drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, were freely flowing through the night. (wah! big budget can?!‘)

And the white wine they were serving was the shiz!!! I could have downed an entire bottle because it was that yummy. *slurps (:

Picture 019

In addition to the decor, food and drinks, Mr. Brad Blaze, speed painter based in Sydney, Australia, was wandering around the rooftop, doing caricature drawings of guests upon request.

Picture 020

Picture 021Picture 022

Seriously, Tampines 1, where do you get all your money from!!! I’d like some too!

And if you think a rooftop party with tentage and fans, freely flowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and donuts, macaroons, shotglass desserts, cakes and sushi, (did I also mention that the 15+ waiters kept asking us if we wanted hors d’oeuvres through the night!), live music, Aussie artist and photographers taking guests photographs…

Picture 029

We each went home with a party favour – a bottle of wine!




Thank you for inviting us Tampines 1! (:

Cheer Me Ups

Nothing beats sleeping in on a sleepy Saturday

Nothing beats wearing your jammies till 6pm, when its time to leave the house for sushi dinner. (:

Nothing beats waking up to the smell of fresh pancakes, being lovingly cooked to perfection on a slow Sunday. (((:

get my drift of how the weekend has floated by? 😀

Picture 003

Ok, so maybe the pancakes weren’t actually being cooked when I awoke from my restful slumber…

But doesn’t it sound so much nicer to wake up to yummy smells. 😀 hehes.

The preparation process was painless. So no complaints.

I chopped strawberries

Picture 014

and came across the cutest strawberry!!!

Picture 008

it was so small and heart-shaped. <3! I couldn’t bear to chop it up. how can you chop up a heart-shaped strawberry?!!?

eventually, i ate it whole.

which leads me to a burning question: Which is worse?

chopping up a heart(-shaped strawberry)?
or eating a heart(-shaped strawberry) whole? :/


also on the menu were

Picture 011

fresh blueberries

are you salivating yet? 😀

well, we aren’t quite done yet!

Picture 016

all in, the menu also included bananas and kiwis (((:

Picture 018

And there was a MOUNTAIN OF PANCAKES to work with. :D!

Picture 021

Picture 019

it makes me really happy to have a colourful pancake breakfast/brunch!

Crazy Colours

For a 21st Birthday Bash attended over the weekend, invited guests had to come dressed in the randomly assigned colours, as stated on the invite.

It was great to see (almost) everyone enthusiastic about the theme. The place was a psychedelic explosion of bright poster colour paints!

Unbeknown to the hosts, their food seem to sublimely follow the theme…picture-010

Sliced cucumber and avocado on a lime green plate.




Table candy & snacks



Perhaps the Polaroids can attest to how weird, wacky and wonderful the party was!

And to add to the wackiness, I felt it only fair to do something a bit different…


hahas. the headlessness is completely unintentional

But anyway,


Happy 21st, Hot Babes!! (: