Re-radical and unpredictable

Valentino is no stranger to outrageous and unapologetically bold prints. (Which I think is part of their strategy of street-style domination and to minimize/deter counterfeiting.) They teamed up with Memphis Group member, Nathalie du Pasquier, to create the ‘Counting prints‘ for their Fall 2017 collection.

Some background on the Memphis Group can be found from this video below.

This design group that defined the look of the 80s, had some crazy furniture designs and insane pattern-on-pattern-on-pattern creations. Some funky, some timeless and others plain old kooky. With this Valentino collection, the kookiness still remains but uses more sophisticated, tertiary colours – browns, teals, tangerine and bubblegum/flamingo pink.

I’m not crazy about the colour pink. But I think the pink and teal photographs very well together. In any case, while looking up pictures of the Memphis Group. I came across some pictures of their furniture and think it looks so kooky-amazing. And usually I’m not super into homeware and furniture. But since I’m starting the process of doing up my abode at the moment, I’ve been trawling the world wide web (especially Pinterest) for home decor ideas and inspiration. So this topic seems especially relevant now.

The Memphis Group’s furniture reminds me of Vice & Vanity’s work. With the bright colours and intersection of plains, shapes, materials. (On a side note, how is Vice & Vanity???)

Anyway, leap frogging into another art-meets-design homeware piece. My recent internet trawling brought me to this – the ‘Red and Blue Chair’ by Gerrit Rietveld. Can you imagine this chair design is nearly 100 years old (designed in 1918)?! According to Wikipedia (via MoMA) the primary colours were added in 1923. Its described as a “floating chair”, when placed in front of a black wall. Which makes sense. But it just screams Piet Mondrian to me.


Credits: Red&Blue chair, Memphis Group furniture, Valentino

Room for Reflection

On my recent trips to Hong Kong, we’ve been scrambling for the cheaper hotels so that we can make the most of our stay (ie do more shopping and eating, spend less on sleeping. Makes sense, right?)

So.. because hotels are merely a place to rest my head and bathe, and not do anything else (even the whole grand sounding continental breakfast), I haven’t really been able to find it in me to splurge on a boutique hotel – you know, the whole schnazzy mazzy lush or quirky environment where like-minded people live and be hoity-toity for a day or two.

A friend who’s been going to Bangkok has been staying in the same hotel over and over.

Room #203: Wish you were here by Buncha Chooduang
Inspired by the old happiness, friends and lovely things that took place in the golden past

Room #207: Sleep well by Oii

Room #210: Tropicool by Pirawayt Kraesaesom

Room #211: Grey Day by Nuanpan Gadvised

You’ll find all these lovely spaces from Reflections Hotel. There’s so much thought put into all the furnishings it makes me want to stay in a different room every day. I might spend a bit more of the morning lazing around too instead of just whipping out my clothes and bags and heading straight for the door.

The best thing is, prices starts at 2250baht a night, which is under SGD100 or USD 65!

Are you booking your flight to Bangkok yet?

Images and info via Reflections Hotel