Dusting off

Why hello there… it’s been awhile. 3 years. This blog has been sitting (digitally) on a shelf, gathering dust.

A lot has happened to the blogscape since. Instagram . Snapchat. Filters. The rise of global influencers and the local disdain of influencers. But on a more personal front, I guess in the midst of the digital landscape changing, I felt that Wottoncool served no purpose as a ‘fashion blog’. Thus, the silence. But, here I am, dusting off and re-embarking on an adventure of carving out a space to not take myself too seriously and to journal my thoughts, document life experiences, share interesting nuggets of news – on anything that interests me. Not just fashion.

The plan is to trawl through the Wottoncool archives to share snapshots that may or may not have seen the light of day. And then to slowly update less infrequently. Followed by a fresh look as a digital journal of sorts (i’m not good with labels, but essentially, Wottoncool will transform to cover a wider variety of topics/themes/subject matter that more accurately reflects my interests).

So welcome, to the start of the Wottoncool reboot.


Inertia of Objects

photo 3

Inertia. A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line.

Sarah here.

I’m battling myself, doing my best to reinvigorate the habit of blogging on a frequent basis. Blame it on Newton’s first law of motion, blame it on myself. Whichever way, I’m gonna change that.

I’m in the process of serving another internship, securing a full-time job and figuring out my purpose in life, wondering if fire-breathing dragons really exist and hoping Singapore (and maybe the rest of the world) will not implode on itself when more people realise that putting money in a banks actually earns you less (interest and satisfaction?) than if you took all that money and spent it all on yourself right now!

Ok, I’ll ramble on that another day.

So yes, this is me posting that we’re still alive. And that I will do my very best to be more present.

In the meantime, here are some photographs of Suprette‘s latte and We Are The Sun wooden frame sunglasses from Manicurious (above).

My dinosaur hair tie from Homeless (Hong Kong), Vice and Vanity necklace from feial, Longines watch with dark ochre NATO strap,  20:TwoThree panelled top, Mae Pang skirt and gold glitter shoes from Kuala Lumpur.

photo 1And finally, my sister’s Diana F+ (which I’m all thumbs with), We Are The Sun makes yet another appearance, mini Tic Tacs and a work-in-progress neon pouch bag from a street market in Hong Kong.

photo 2

Hong Kong’s Absurd Laboratory Fall 2012

How long do we spend in front of the computer pining marvelling at Margiela? The time I spend is too shameful to put to print. With the H&M collaboration up in arms and our piggy banks quivering in fear (not only at the price but at the number of things we will buy), allow me to introduce an alluring alternative that features what I feel is a disappointing absence in the MMM high-street re-edition: HAIR.

Luckily for us, Absurd Laboratory from Hong Kong has been churning out a more affordable form of the weird and wonderful. While we can’t say that they are the first to use hair in clothing, they do use it to great effect.

To balance the copius amounts of synthetic hair that they used in this collection, they made the rest of the pieces pretty simple. It’s still interesting with fabric-covered gem shapes for a semi-decorative collar, and large beads at the hem on their heavy jersey tops and dresses, creating some burgeoning garments. However what’s occupying my mind right now are the pair of pants with long hair from the pockets. That sounds like crap but looks so awesome.

This collection is now on sale at this website, from HK$1,106 (SG$180) onwards. You can view more of their work here.

Now Margiela, or H&M – how could you let this collection pass without the mane event?! Maybe a dress or coat is too much…but that tassel of an accessory is too scant and too small.

Pictures from here.

In Flux

Newness is so important in fashion. Sounds cliche to say, but really, it’s exactly our fickle-minded buying behaviour. And this is why I think Flux is such an apt name for a brand.

Flux, from Hong Kong has been at it for about six seasons now, and I gather their signature is not a particular cut or style, but achingly cool new ideas that you never thought you would want.

Their latest Fall 2012 offering is a floral-infused and metallic, but without a trace of cottage curtains, liberty prints, or cooking aluminium foil. It’s an odd (im)balance of repeated petal patterns treated like chain mail, which is also featured in their accessories, and I think will easily make any drab outfit awesome. I won’t lie that I’m a lot lazier with outfits now.

You’ll see that this series is quite a departure from their last collection, and the one before, and even earlier…

My focus here is the accessories, with my favourite being this see-through printed PVC sling purse… although I suspect my belongings are not pretty enough to sit in there as worthy contents. Just asking out loud… Is it silly to tote this while it’s… empty?

Accessories start from HK$599 – 1899, while clothes are from HK$699 – 1499 and here’s a little preview for you!

Unfortunately for your wallet they are easy to access online, and if you’re lucky enough to be in HK, check out their list of stockists on their facebook page, with one of them being Heaven Please, a favourite store of mine (that also will ship to Singapore, if you ask)!

Images from here.

New Fave

I find it pretty amazing AND amusing how the idea of fashion accessories has evolved. If you think necklaces, earrings, bracelets and the like, you are sooooo 2005.

Somewhere along the way it came to encompass basically any fashion thing item that is not a complete item of clothing. Then again the idea of a complete item of clothing, like a blouse or a pair of pants no longer exists. Who is to say that the missing arm or hole in the back makes for an incomplete garment?

Only one thing remains constant about fashion accessories – there really is no need for them, but they’ve outdone everything else in the fashion department!

Correct me if I am wrong, but the idea of a collar solely meant for decorative purposes in the 21st Century was coined by Miu Miu with the costume-y Spring 2008 collection, and officially became a new legit fashion accessory with the Spring 2010 collection, in ultra-desirable kitty and dove prints, no less. When I say legit fashion accessory of course it means when you can start finding it on the high street.

People started wearing collars for ornamental purposes in the early 1900s, the Edwardian period… and if you wore one out of that period, you are most likely a lawyer, or eccentric.

In my last visit to Hong Kong, I visited Chum5 – a new accessories-only boutique in Sheung Wan with a lifestyle slant that stocks Heavy Machine and Danielle Michetti shoes, beautiful Sruli Recht notebooks, and a slew of collars, FAVE, by Hong Kong designer, Kenny Li.

I got myself a denim wing-collar with a triangle fastener and that was the tamest of the lot… He held an exhibition for FAVE at the Daydream Nation store in Wanchai, Hong Kong some time ago and showcased some exquisite pieces – plain and heavily decorated, or printed and cleanly-cut:

I’m surely taken by these collars but the only thing that’s stopping me from taking mine out more often is that it feels a tad constricting. Btw I’m staying away from the frilly and/or laced ones to steer clear of any french maid vibes.

The line of collars, Kenny Li FAVE is available at Chum5 and Daydream Nation in Hong Kong.

Picture credits to here and here.