This way to Topshop | Topman >>>

Topshop threw out all the stops with this one. Treating not just the select media posse, but also treating all the VIPs (i.e. Topshop/Topman top spenders) to an exclusive preview of the Fall/Winter collection. The stage was set at ION Orchard’s Level 8 Carpark with a whole section cordoned off for guests to roam free and soak in the atmosphere.

Silly me left school late, was held up by rush-hour traffic and arrived fashionably late. Therefore, MISSING the men’s showcase almost in it’s entirety.Ā  ):

In addition, from what I gather… I also missed out on free alcohol/beer/coke/frozen yogurt/mini burgers and trail Minx nails being dished out to everyone there. (By the end of the evening, you could almost make out the words ‘FEED.ME!’ across my face. heh!)

Upon arriving, I then had to fight through throngs of crowds and angle past random heads in order to get decent shots of the models as they strut down the runway. Thank goodness my natural and ALDO-assisted height advantage got me a relatively good spot to bring you these snaps>

There were some simpler outfits such as this one, which is a lot more of my style (I suppose)

This model’s leather harness/strap thing looked really nice paired with this dress. Didn’t see it at the store though.

Anyway, consistently throughout the show, there were the usual fierce shoes that Topshop never fails to deliver.

In addition, there was a lot of lace and interpretations of lace on fabrics that felt luxurious without being stuffy.

Fur was another fun textural element recurring throughout the show… hats, coats, headbands and purses all had some fuzz, reminding me of Chanel’s 2010 Fall RTW Russian teddy-bear collection.

After the show, we were guided down to Basement 2 by the models, whom I am 99.9% convinced come from another planet altogether! Humans don’t come this tall do they?!

Here I am, 1.7 metres (which, I would say is above average already) AND in 3-inch ALDO wedges that evening. AND this model is still a good half-a-head taller than me!!! She comes from the planet of Glamazonia, where women are all beautiful, six-feet and stick-thin (in the healthy, proportionate sorta way)

Anyway, with my $50 complimentary voucher, I bought a buncha stuff from Topman for a friend. Didn’t get anything for myself. But accompanied Laila and Gigi to brave the MASSIVE queue to pay for their purchases. In total, I think it was at least a half-hour wait to make payment. /:

But everyone walked away unharmed and new purchases in tow…

while I got 7 blisters from being in my ALDOs all day.

While waiting, I tried on their thigh-high boots. Which required some wrestling and wriggling in order to squeeze my sasquatch-feet that are almost too big for their size 39s. Pretty as the shoes are, they are 20-second shoes… I could feel a blister forming as I strolled back and forth in them. /:

Topshop… do ya’ll make it in size 40? šŸ˜€Ā  Anyway, I wore a metallic Nicholas top, pleated Abyzz pants, H&M necklace (gift from Jo), wood watch from T1 and, in this photo, Topshop boots.

Thanks Laila for the photos… I look so slim and long here. Happy!

Video of the final walks coming soon!

[Edited: 5 October 2010] Videos have been uploaded! You can watch Topman and Topshop final walks now!

The Little Things She Needs

They say it’s the little things that make a big difference. This pretty and petite package dressed herself almost entirely in accessories (multiple rings check, bangles check, necklace check, head thing check, shoes check, some-other-small-items-I’m-not-confident-of-describing check), save for the huge kaftan hanging on her which, on hindsight, also almost looks like a scarf on its own.

She is the personification of the new accessories store, The Little Things She Needs. I’m kinda glad she’s not a 6-feet tall blonde-hair, blue-eyed model from a huge agency and dressed by a hired stylist. She works for one of the seven stores in Jakarta and put together this Asian-Bohemian look with items from their current and upcoming collection, all by herself.

An aside: I never knew pumps would work with a kaftan so well. I would usually just go with something that borders on formal/corporate. Meh.

If you’re a sucker for shoes and accessories, make sure you bring someone in tow to provide emotional support and possibly safe-keep your wallet. If you’re part of Shopaholics Anonymous, do not be within 100 metres of this store. (Or actually, don’t be in Singapore altogether.) It’s floor-to-ceiling walls of really affordable shoes, bags and little things in this new store located in #B3-52 ION Orchard.

Wingardium Leviosa II

Remember this?


It’s like dreams come true and someone Wingardium Leviosa‘d Christopher Bailey to us. Sorta. Kinda.

WOTTONCOOL will be at Burberry ION Orchard, 7pm tonight, to celebrate the opening of their new store! With creative director, Christopher Bailey, no less!

And of course, a stable of international and local celebs. Think we might faint from exposure and being within such close proximity of the ST*RZ. Fash-Eccentric, One Sixty Notepad, Rock The Trend, Bagaholicboy, will yall make sure that we still look glam if we need to be stretchered out of the party? Lol.

What to wear, what to wear! O, decisions.

Denim Dream

I not-so-recently adopted a new mission in life, and that was to find the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect white shirt, the use and abuse leather bag, the perfect watch, the all-purpose sunnies and, OH WAIT THAT’S LIKE FIVE THOUSAND MISSIONS.

Well, on the top of the list – JEANS! I’ve loved (a little too much) a pair of jeans from River Island and Uniqlo, and I’m ready to shell out some moolah on some designer jeans. I’ve done time fitting in Evisu, Seven for all Mankind, Sass & Bide, and some other cult-cult stuff whose names I can neither pronounce nor remember, but no, there were no super stunning designs or leg-lengthening/bum-lifting fits that made me want to pull out $500-600 dollars for glorified denim.

On my imaginary tai-tai day around Orchard Road one afternoon, I went into the house of checks and trenches and zomg jeans!!



I never knew Burberry sold jeans in its Brit line, and really wicked fitting ones at that. No cheesy monogram when you turn up the hem, no flashy 3yo-drawing-of-bird looking thing on your bum (lol), no fugly stitching trying to pass off as cool.


My fave is this pair, really skinny and very washed down the front, with huge zips at the ankle. I usually don’t like anything with a wash, but somehow I find this irresistable. Just like the man behind the brand. Nom nom.

Sturdy, not flashy, and it fits like a gloveeee. The great thing is that it’s just slightlyyyy under $500. Hello!

BTW, have you visited the store in ION? I love all of the interiors, and that they always use fresh eucalyptus – my fave um, foliage?

[Spotlight] Wottoncool@ PullĀ andĀ Bear

A name can be quite deceiving.

And Pull and Bear‘s most certainly is.



Their look and layout and all-around vibe always gave me the impression it was a very ‘up’ brand. Like it competes with Bread & Butter, attracting people who are willing to part with upwards of $300 for a pair of (freakin’!!!) jeans.

I think its got something to do with the fact that they both have a similar formula to their names:

‘(Random word 1) AND (Random word 2)’

Bread AND Butter. Pull AND Bear. see!? hahas.



Upon receiving the email invite, my interest was piqued despite knowing full well that there was already a slew of things to do on the same day.

Plus, a friend of mine had recently lamented and raved about Pull and Bear products so I just had to RSVP.


They seem to have taken inspiration from their own designs…


And stacked this mountain of old televisions, looping random videos mixed with live feeds of people walking past the entrance.



Food was a-flowing at the event. Which was really great because I was starving!! I managed to snap up a Snapple and there was even Red Rock Deli chips (which you must try at least once in your life)!!!

Ok. back to the clothes.


Tees cost between $30 to $40… from what I saw. And as you can see from the corner of the photo, jeans start at $90.


Their graphics were quite interesting. And the materials felt good.


I quite liked this top and all its emo-ness.


And this sequinned leopard print cropped coat was a steal at about $60.

But what I eventually left the store with was this ring. (:

Picture 024

I love how its not really a ring in the tradtional sense.

Picture 027

A series of cresent-shaped metal pieces linked to a skinnier U-shape to make this ring.

I love the feeling that its finger armour and also strangely reminds me of a walnut. I’m not too sure why. hahas.

And after pouring through their catalogue, which they so kindly provided, I have fallen in love with this ring too!


But I didn’t see it in the store ):

I guess its not meant to be…

[Spotlight] Bershka @ IonĀ Orchard

Bershka Ion Store Launch E-invite

According to Wikipedia:

Bershka is a company belonging to the Spanish Inditex group (owner of Zara), that was created in April 1998 as a new store and fashion concept, aimed at a young target market. It now has 508 stores in 36 countries, including Spain, France, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Montenegro, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Belgium, Colombia, Portugal, Poland, Guatemala, Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, El Salvador, Latvia, Venezuela, Estonia, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Where is Singapore? *pouts* ))):

Ok, not like it really bothers me much.

Jo and I attended the Launch Party, held on a Thursday evening. I got a bit (very!) lost trying to find the place in the abyss of ION Orchard’s basementzzz! They should make it a rule that all stores indicate their unit number, regardless of how atas the store is! grr!


[Disclaimer: the following photos were taken using my mobile phone camera… so if the quality sucks, sorry!]



There were people aplenty packed into the plush psychedelic place. There was a DJ spinning music, live. The place felt like a club, with clothes…


And not forgetting happy foods! šŸ˜€

Cottoncandy, Oreos, Pocky (<3!), mentos, potato chips, Lollipops, M&Ms, water, Coke, Sprite, Snapple (which got snapped up real quick)… all for us guests to munch on as we combed the store.

Not forgetting,


Bershka Ramly Burgers, which were right next to…



Muslim food next to alcohol. Subtle.

Moving on…

Their clothes walls are quite nicely arranged.


Although not everything was within reach. :/


The clothing has a lot of mass market appeal. Graphic tees, Pseudo-already-worn-by-someone-for-two-years ‘new’ jeans, dresses, short skirts, vests etc.

There were two drop-crotch pants that were interesting. Jeans with lace imprint/spray-paint(?) detail. And sequinned short skirt.


(excuse Jo’s candid face :D)


My only (sorry!) photo of some of the other bloggers..

Hello Carlos, Ridwan, Dinie, Nina, X-wen, Nicole and Qin. (:

We were all chilling and rubbing shoulders with the shoes when Analog Girl started her shiz..


It took awhile for everyone to sort of gravitate towards her… and after oogling at her create beats/sounds with her passe of electronic gadgets (which was cool yet perplexing)


The models joined her shortly after.


And it wasn’t your traditional show… Rather than have the models, tall and visible above all our short heads, but far from the audience on the elevated stage…


The models weaved through the crowds to stand on small platforms scattered throughout the store, allowing an up-close-and-personal view of the clothes… (makes ’em models sound like animals at the zoo eh? hahas)


The finale was also quite fun and energetic with the models eating some of the snacks as they walked and danced around the store. (so the do eat!!!)


After the fashion show, they also had a beatboxer do his thang. Kudos to the professionalism shown despite the crappy mike that died twice. :/


with vouchers in hand, I went around hunting for something…


And i thought these shoes were really lovely. Psuedo suede, flats with perfurations nonetheless. But at $129 before discount… The stars didn’t align for this purchase. *sigh…