Tied Up



I remember as a kid, I’d be very intrigued by my older sister’s ballet shoes, the criss cross ribbons and how they wouldn’t fall despite all the dancing she’d do.

I know this cos I’d try to tie ribbons up till my knees and watch them fall almost instantaneously upon standing up and moving about.

Which is why I quite like Chanel’s SS09 leggings




I probably won’t like the accompanying price tag


But aren’t they so sweet? (:

I sense a D.I.Y. project!!! hahas.


Awhile ago, the Fashion Nation girls posted about tie dye here.



Furthermore, the Vogue Korea spread that Jo mentioned earlier (here),


had me mesmerized by this set of leggings!!!

Furthermore, I’ve had this idea of a tie dye party lingering in the back of my mind for some time…

Then, I got word from the grapevine that the Fashion Nation girls would be having some yummy goodies (of the above sorts) in their next Fashion Nation Guerrilla Store session.

Eagerly anticipating, I’ve been religiously checking back to know the all-important details.

Lo and behold…


Its CONCURRENT with my birthday celebration with the girls ))):


*the birthday girl can arrive fashionably late, right??? 😀

Ye who wears the pants

I know some people who would pick up a dress or a skirt over manly leg-separating garments (omg I sound so crude.) But I can’t do without my pants/trousers/trews/jeans/garment to fit legs.

If you’re wondering who… I’m think Susie Bubble & The Clothes Horse for starters.

Too often, you’ll catch me in a pair of jeans and a something and hopefully that something is interestingly put together. To minimize the occurence of un-happening outfits I have decided to expand the pant section of my wardrobe.


Camilla & Marc Jacoba Pants, $226

There are something about black and white pannelled leg things. Camilla & Marc chose to panel this pair down the middle, which slims your stems from the front. I think cos it’s black it makes you look slimmer from the side too.

Dear Karl placed the black and white panel on the side of the wondrous Chanel tights, which kinda visually halves your calves and thighs.

Ooo I need these.


My Pet Square Slouch Rayon Pants, $159

Yes I know these scream work pants all over… but imagine the nice soft rayon caressing your skin as you speedily navigate the concrete jungle that is Singapore. Mmm. Cute pleats too!


Bassike Slouchy Jersey Pant, $123

These are my ideal pair of drop-crotch pants. They even trump CDG for me!

A nice snug fit on the calves and enough of a poopied diaper look at the crotch (why am I so coarse today!).

I am <this> close to checking my cart out with this pair of pants innit.


Ruby Smallbone Liquid Shorts, $267

Shiny. Metallic. Crinkled. Drawstring. Must. Be. Mine.


These are from etsy seller missmars and they’re called MC Hammer Pants, $42. No clue? Go wiki.

Another one on my to-consider/buy list… but the shipping is making them these pair as expensive as the Bassike ones. And I get free shipping on the Bassike pair!

Grumble mumble.

Which do you prefer?

Are you cut-out for it?

The first thing that comes to my mind, about the first thing that will come to Sarah’s mind, about anything with cut-outs –



A.F. Vandervorst Spring 2009




Rodarte Spring 2009

“Will you get tan patterns?”

Wouldn’t tan patterns be mildly traumatizing but in some ways… cute? Lol. Very pretty if you get a nice floral pattern in A.F. Vandervorst’s leggings. You’ll be the talk of the town!

You better be slathering sun lotion before donning those fishnets, or ripping everything in sight (jeans, leggings, tops included).

From Style.com
Read more about designers and leggings this spring.


I think I’ve been a bit too fond of leggings. I recently bought these lace leggings from Topshop, together with a pair of black lamé ones.

I’ve worn leggings 4 days in a row. They’re so comfortable I don’t wanna wear any other kind of bottoms! Maybe you’ve been wearing leggings everyday, and I’ve caught on to this love for hosiery a little too late, but oooh, the hot hot weather calls for some light material.

Top/Dress: Grey knit scoop neck dress from Hong Kong
Bottoms: Black lace leggings from Topshop
Shoes: Black tall gladiator sandals from Urbanog
Bag: Black large tote from H&M
Necklace: Black skinny studded belt from Giordano Concepts

Yeap I wore my skinny belt as a necklace today. It actually isn’t the first time I’m doing this. I hope you don’t think I’m weird! My little sister commented it looks like a collar but I still like the neat rounds it makes around my neck.

Wonder if a thicker belt will work.

Pile it on

When i woke up this morning, I knew that it’d be a cold day.

So i took the opportunity to experiment with some layering.

Top: Loose Bell-Sleeve Blouse from Robinsons,

Silver knit racer-back tank as pullover (gift)

Bottoms: Grey Leggings from AMK Hub,

Green Mini Skirt from Valley Girl

Shoes: Boots from Charles & Keith

First thing my sister said when she saw me, “you look warm”  (mission accomplished!)

and as suspected, school was cold today. Even dressed like that, I felt cold 🙁