Have you met Kirsten?

Thursday’s weather was superb with the minor exception for a short bout of rainfall during lunch, which worked out since I was indoors eating then! (:

My day started early with a trip to One Fullerton to meet some friends, then I walked all the way to Ann Siang Hill, Chinatown, Duxton Hill and Craig Road to check out some cafes, check out an exhibition, stumble upon new shops and all that jazz. It was fun and bumped into quite a few people I know. Made a new friend or two. Had a good laugh and great food *slurps!*

Wore a +J Uniqlo tee, Wrangler jeans, sandals, leather cuffs, Alexander Wang Kirsten tote and tortoiseshell sunnies from Melbourne (a gift from my colleague <3!)

Channelling Chloé Fall 2010

Chloe Fall Winter 2010

Chloe’s Fall Winter 2010 presentation brings to the table an infallible love and admiration for simplicity and a return to nature. Recent purchases have also seen wardrobe additions falling very comfortably within the tonal hues, shade and nuances of an entirely earthy palette from sand to camel, tan and chocolate, coffee, mustard, caramel, nuude.. (((:

H&M Zara Style Outfit Photo

Drawing inspiration from Chloe, last Sunday’s dress-up attire called for simplicity yet sophistication at the mere notion that I’d be meeting face-to-face with some of the (art) world’s most famous – Pablo Picasso, Botero, Andy Warhol, banksy and Damien Hirst. And some new acquaintances like Henry Moore, Ivan Lam and Young-Wook Han.

H & M, Zara, Leather cuffs

Thus the crisp Zara shirt and H&M pant combo with leather bits, in terms of the belt and leather cuffs.

Shoes, Wedges, Guess

Rounding off the look was a pair of newly acquired wedges from Guess (on sale!) (:

Especially liked the peekaboo of the metallics under the wide-leg pant. Although I can’t wait to put together an ensemble to show these in full.

Back from Tokyo, Japan

Just wanted to drop a quick update to say that I’m back from the land of the rising sun, back from Mount Fuji, sushi, cat cafes, bright neon lights, pachinko, boots and fake eyelashes.

The weather warranted layers upon layers of clothing. And I did mostly sight-seeing rather than shopping.

Can’t wait to go back with more shopping allowance 😀

More photos coming soon.
Stay tuned!


Paperbag Pants

Do you have those days where you want nothing more than to wear a paper bag over your head as you go about your routine and mile-long list of to-dos because it’s just such long and dreary day. You want nothing more than to snuggle in bed, tucked safely in the comforts of your blanket where the world can’t get you? But since Responsibility beckons, settle for the second-best option which is to dress purely for Comfort as you attempt to conquer the abyss of chores.

And then, there are also those days that for no reason in particular, there is a sense of flurry and fun to dress up and paint the town red. Figuratively, of course.

I’m wearing a basic white tank, pseudo paperbag-waisted pants and lace-up wedges. Just because I felt like it. Despite only having to run a handful of errands in school today. And make-up-less because my skin has decided to revolt by going through a second round of puberty-worthy breakouts ):

But I also attribute it to the stresses of exam week,
which is NOW!

Ok, back to the books for me


Chinatown Crossroads

Haven’t done an outfit post in awhile. This was sometime back when flooding was all the rage on our sunny island.

I wore a asymmetrical grey jacket from Bossini Style, white shirt with buttons from nicholas, scarf from sister, vintage pants from mom, faux ostrich bag from St. Louis, wood watch from Tampines1 stall, thrifted book and New Look white flats.

Been going through a bit of a personal rollercoaster, thus a lack of motivation to post and stuff.

But anyway, more importantly I have a question for you!

Let me set this up first…

There is an opportunity for me to be flown all-expenses paid to an overseas brand launch party in exchange for approximately 3 months’ worth of mentions (one a day for 3 months) on a combination of Wottoncool’s blog, twitter, facebook as well as my personal twitter and facebook profiles.

And juicy as this opportunity is, I am very concerned that readers, such as yourself, would be put off by the overdose of one-mention-a-day “buzz”.

Of course I’ve discussed this with Jo. And the ‘buzz’ will predominantly focus on my personal accounts. But that being said, I don’t want ya’ll thinking that imma sellout.

So thoughts? Yay or nay?

Mushroom Meet

Met Bagaholicboy, Dinie from OneSixtyNotepad and Laila from Rock The Trend at Jones the Grocer last week.

They filled me in on the latest happenings and gossip from AFF over a unassumingly filling mushroom risotto.

Jo was supposed to be there but she injured her arm that day. And now she is halfway across the world, backpacking through Europe for the better part of two months!

I’m all alone here to blog by my lonesome self. *sobs*

hehs. Drama much? 😀

Anyway, go this little date I wore a colour-runned white tank from G2000, asymmetrical cropped jacket from BossiniStyle, skull-printed scarf from a Cambodian night market and drop-crotch pants from Giodano Ladies.