W3: What WC Wore

I solemnly swear that Ion was a lot more brightly lit than these photos let up. But because my hands aren’t tripods, the brighter photos came out blur. Sorry!

Okay Jo spent about five hours in front of her closet, and all she came up with was the six-hands tee by Nikicio, cropped sequin shrug from Dorothy Perkins, fringed leggings from COS, matching gold cuffs from Forever21, the awsum possum PS1 and some black pumps from Charles & Keith.

Seriously, five hours.

It was a all-black ensemble for Sarah. With a lace halter from Hansel, G2000 dress pants, wedge Aldos, plum cardigan, faux ostrich bag, wood watch and leather cuff.

Larger Date

Jo and I met on Thursday to discuss some future plans for Wottoncool (read: Delicious Giveaways coming soon!), to lament about school and work and career, fantasize about polly pockets, multi-label stores and the wonderful things we wanna do with our lives  (:

Naturally, this discussion occurred over a round of beers and much laughter.

Quickly snapped this before leaving for home.

Jo wore a black dress with Cheap Monday cut-out tee with geometric cut-out sandals.

Sarah wore a white tank, asymmetrical jacket, Abyzz pants and jooks.

[Spotlight] Tangs ‘I am Woman’ Launch

This morning, Tangs invited Jo and I to a preview of their level 1 and 2 which has been freshened in preparations for your greater shopping experience in general as well as the crazy mad 12% sale happening tomorrow. (:

The bags corner has been refreshed with store-in-store settings, a main aisle through the section as well as feature displays for well-established brands at the main pillars.

Level 2’s image has been freshened in subtle, but pleasant ways.

Santorini had hand-cut paper butterflies fluttering across their walls. They made Jo and I think of the crazy crafty art projects we used to do for school…

Brand ambassador – Mann, was also uber stylish with an arm-ful of jade bangles and painted toe nails.

Martina Pink’s clothes peg bow logo and decor felt very vibrant and lively.

There was also a section dedicated to local designers (ftw!)

Thomas Wee

Allure de Chine


Jo made me try on these pair of shorts which looked a lot better on the hanger. As in it had hanger-potential. But I didn’t like it much when trying it. (And it was very expensive. $259.00!)

And since the sale is tomorrow. Not much point buying anything today eh? Although Jo and I were VERY distracted at the costume jewelry counters 😀 *TEMPTATION TTM!*.

This is what we wore:

[Spotlight] Jook your Look

Let me formally introduce you to Jooks.

Picture 003

Don’t be fooled by their pseudo PAP veneer (although that was my parents’ first reactions. hahas)

Let me try to set it up for you.

a. People (assumingly, Singaporeans) backpacked through Spain

b. Crossed paths with casual, comfy shoes called Espadrilles.

c. Loved them so much they were compelled to share the love.

d. Came back to Singapore, pooled resources together to facilitate love-sharing (and money-making!)

So, mathematically:

a. + b. + c. + d. = Jooks!

Picture 021

So these are what Jook’s Espadrilles look like. Although I highly doubt there is much variation… made of jute rope and canvas, these are like non-waterproof slipper substitutes.

Yes. On my second day of wearing them, I got rained in on ))):

They make a great travel companion, storing quite flat. Especially in comparison with other shoes.

Picture 004Picture 007

They fold away to the thickness of the soles, which is approximately 1.5cm tops.

And if the earthiness of my Lightbrown Eyes don’t float your boat, you can always order them in wacky colours like Gang Green, Blue Balls, Coral Sex or Red Indian! hahas.

My favourite?

Navyblue Dabadeebabadie! (:

And till Friday, you can get them at $18 a pop. Instead of the dreary ol’ usual price of $25.90…

Picture 051

Wore them to school on Monday.. (So excuse the tired, deer-in-headlights, expressionless face… 7 hours of class does that to me.)

Graphic t-Shirt: originally had a White tank top… but experienced a ‘Mustard Moment’ :/ it was highlighter-yellow!!!, I had to change my top and this was the only spare.
Jacket with detachable badges: Uniqlo
Slouchy linen pants, cuffed: Giordano
Striped bag: gift from Mom
Shoes: Jooks

Near, far. Wherever you are.

Outfit photo!

From the Parco@Millenia Media party and Pull and Bear events.

And taken at Changi Airport Terminal 3

busy busy day!!


Cool black drape-y long sleeve top: Abyzz by Desmond Yang
Navy Tank top: Uniqlo
Grey jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Charles and Keith
Bag: random Far East Plaza shop
Necklaces: from Perth and Israel
Malleable bracelet: gift from Jo
Rings: from Jordan and Pull & Bear

Pardon my inept description of the Abyzz top.

Basically, the sleeves have corners so that it creates a cool drape effect.


See! 😀

Its a new purchase, I have to show it off! :D:D:D

And my friends, helpful as they were holding up the sleeves and taking the photo all, were singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and re-enacting scenes from Titanic (“I’m flying Jack, I’m flying!!!”) as this photo was being taken.

They also kept trying to steal my accessories.. “Sarah, may I see your ring/bracelet?”

Hand it to them and 2 seconds later… “Thanks Sarah! See! Sarah just gave me her ring/bracelet? Nice right? ”


Love ya’ll anyways!

Wottoncool @ Bershka

Here’s what we wore to the Bershka Event at Ion Orchard.


(Source: Cherry Magazine)

On Sarah:

Qipao: from China ($9!)
Bag: Salvation Army
Headphones: Sennheiser PX 200
Wrist Candy:
1. Broken weave belt: from sister
2. Chain: Perth
3. Necklace (worn as bracelet): Israel
Shoes: Aldo

On Jo:

Cheetah Blazer: $1 Thrift Store
Tank top: Laurie Foon
Jeans: Uniqlo
Sequinned flats: Pretty Fit