Thinking of what Sarah said


Taking inspiration from love songs cutting across various music genres, Club 21 has just unveiled a collaboration with artist Dawn Ng to create the cover for their Valentine’s Day look book. A deceptively simplistic mish-mash of found objects, Dawn lends meaning and to each item, imbuing it with the physical representation of songs like Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang (My baby shot me down), Nouvelle Vague’s Melt with you and boy band classic, Backstreet Boy’s Quit playing games (with my heart).

Read more about the collaboration here.

And perhaps I’m in a dark state, with it being Monday and all, as I write this. Immediately thought of Death Cab for Cutie’s What Sarah Said. My favorite phrase, “love is watching someone die”.

Anywhoots, something more joyous to cheer about this Valentine’s week… Club 21 Online is having a promo. Get 10% off when you purchase two or more items from now till 14 February. I have my heart set of this gorgeous Carven T-shirt dress, another sweater (this time in monochrome) and the dreamiest skirt there ever was.

Have fun shopping!

Frozen People

We haven’t shared nearly enough of OMGWTFBBQ moments. But this deftly witty series of classical sculptures dressed “as hipsters”, is right up the alley! Produced by photographer, Léo Caillard, and photo editor, Alexis Persani, they’ve “clothed” sculptures and make me pause for a moment longer and look at them as people and imagine who they’d be and what they’d be doing if they weren’t frozen in stone.


Had a little too much to eat?


Woah! What do you mean there’s no more coffee?!


(feel like I’m stealing on an intimate moment here)


Yeah, I’m too cool for school…



Where shall we go for brunch?



Hang on, my top knot isn’t done yet.

This series couldn’t be more perfect. View the full series here, on Today I learnt Something New.


Losing Control

Even for the control-crazed maniac that I am, I have to admit there’s a silent seduction to the idea of losing control. There’s a saying, ‘Man is born free but bound by chains’. And every so often, when I throw caution to the wind, the end results often surprise, excite and create such happily unexpected outcomes.

Circumstances out of my control prevented me from attending the Wild Child Animal Party hosted by Lomography Singapore several weeks back.

But I thought I’d party on my own with my sister’s Diana F+. Taken over the Chinese New Year period. I’ve only just been able to get these back and let’s just say I’m in dire need of more practice!

My sister forgot to tell me that the Diana has a SUPER ZOOM lens, thus the photos were out of focus and mega cropped. Oh well, better luck next time!

Speaking of losing control, I find it amusingly befitting that Lomography’s latest range of cameras have taken a walk on the wild side with these animalistic camera series.

If only I had my own camera and didn’t have to awkwardly borrow my sister’s camera whenever I feel like trying lomography out. Would love to get my hands on one of these beauties. Absolutely curious to see what I’d capture! (puns totally intended :D!)

View the full range here


FlabSlab x Joel Lim: ‘Boys and their Toys’ Photo Exhibition

Last Friday, I attended the opening of the photo exhibition by Joel Lim, Elle Singapore’s Photographer of the Year.

Attended the event not expecting to know anyone but ended up staying much longer than expected because I kept meeting friends and old acquaintances whom I have not seen in awhile. All in all, it was really fun catching up and chatting about the photographs. If you check out the exhibition for yourself, don’t be too taken aback by the amount of toys that fill the space. Co-shared by Nerf Creative, they’ve really encapsulated a playful, buzzy energy and creative space.

The exhibition runs till today at 6pm or by appointment.

Date: 6 Jan – 13 Jan

Time: 12pm – 6pm or by appointment

Location: FLABSLAB gallery

1 Commonwealth Lane, One Commonwealth building, #06-11

Admission is free of charge and open to public.

* Exhibition contains nudity


In collaboration with Elle Singapore and Canon, Jo & I (representing Wottoncool, obviously) and Dr Leslie Tay ( will be participating in an exclusive ‘Tips & Tricks’ sharing session. Needless to say, we are really excited about this small project.

Make a beeline to the nearest magazine stand and grab your copy of Elle Singapore (July)!

If you need more details on how you could attend this exclusive sharing session, let me know. (Right now, I’m rather lazy to type out the instructions)

More importantly!

What burning photography-related questions do you need answers to? Leave your comments, we’ll do our best to answer them. (:


How to avoid sibling rivalry

Growing up in a big family. Being a middle child. Wearing hand-me-downs and *ugh!* sharing.  Some of the things I used to hate as a kid. (Although, now I do acknowledge it’s perks) Realization struck recently, that my styling choices and preferences tend to skew towards being different, choosing the less common alternatives.

Thus the avoidance of denim jeanswear and reluctance to shop at Charles & Keith, Zara, Topshop and Mango. For fear of someone recognizing where by stuff is from, or worse still owning the same stuff as me *the horrors*!

However, all these rules and conventions went out the window with this series shot by Clifford and styled by Zoe and I.

The models shared a vintage oversized denim jacket while contrasted in black and white maxis and paired with high cut sneakers. The harmless play turned to jealousy and fighting, before triumph and a fit.

Before the dust settled and everything went back to normal.

And they lived happily ever after. The end. (that’s how all my stories ended, at least)

But on a more personal note, I like that fact that I have so many siblings and appreciate that my sisters don’t make noise when I raid their wardrobes 😀 *THANK YOU!* Cos they are also free to raid mine as well. Although the trend is that I am more of the raider than the raidee. hehs. And I think sibling rivalry is part and parcel of growing up and learning to work with people.

I mean, where would you be if you didn’t learn how to share?

So in addition to sharing your love with your special someone this Valentine’s Day. For single cygnets (like Sarah), share your love with your family and friends because they are important too!