agnès b. Spring/Summer 2012 FEMME collection

 When attempting a single-colour look, I always think it’s a good to play with textures and this agnès b. Spring 2012 look is executed very well. Although red isn’t my favorite colour. It definitely makes for a striking photograph. (On a side note, the helmet in the front row is a little distracting.)

The other day I attempted a similar look with a loose ash-grey CK top, Mae Pang side slit skirt, dusty-blue socks and pony hair monkstrap shoes from Dr Martens. Didn’t take a photo, sorry. It was definitely a stretch for me, this new look I was trying. Think my Marni shopping bag didn’t aid the situation much. But I werqed it anyway 😀 Or I tried at least.

And on another side note, I was so intrigued by this photo that I had to share it!


This way to Topshop | Topman >>>

Topshop threw out all the stops with this one. Treating not just the select media posse, but also treating all the VIPs (i.e. Topshop/Topman top spenders) to an exclusive preview of the Fall/Winter collection. The stage was set at ION Orchard’s Level 8 Carpark with a whole section cordoned off for guests to roam free and soak in the atmosphere.

Silly me left school late, was held up by rush-hour traffic and arrived fashionably late. Therefore, MISSING the men’s showcase almost in it’s entirety.  ):

In addition, from what I gather… I also missed out on free alcohol/beer/coke/frozen yogurt/mini burgers and trail Minx nails being dished out to everyone there. (By the end of the evening, you could almost make out the words ‘FEED.ME!’ across my face. heh!)

Upon arriving, I then had to fight through throngs of crowds and angle past random heads in order to get decent shots of the models as they strut down the runway. Thank goodness my natural and ALDO-assisted height advantage got me a relatively good spot to bring you these snaps>

There were some simpler outfits such as this one, which is a lot more of my style (I suppose)

This model’s leather harness/strap thing looked really nice paired with this dress. Didn’t see it at the store though.

Anyway, consistently throughout the show, there were the usual fierce shoes that Topshop never fails to deliver.

In addition, there was a lot of lace and interpretations of lace on fabrics that felt luxurious without being stuffy.

Fur was another fun textural element recurring throughout the show… hats, coats, headbands and purses all had some fuzz, reminding me of Chanel’s 2010 Fall RTW Russian teddy-bear collection.

After the show, we were guided down to Basement 2 by the models, whom I am 99.9% convinced come from another planet altogether! Humans don’t come this tall do they?!

Here I am, 1.7 metres (which, I would say is above average already) AND in 3-inch ALDO wedges that evening. AND this model is still a good half-a-head taller than me!!! She comes from the planet of Glamazonia, where women are all beautiful, six-feet and stick-thin (in the healthy, proportionate sorta way)

Anyway, with my $50 complimentary voucher, I bought a buncha stuff from Topman for a friend. Didn’t get anything for myself. But accompanied Laila and Gigi to brave the MASSIVE queue to pay for their purchases. In total, I think it was at least a half-hour wait to make payment. /:

But everyone walked away unharmed and new purchases in tow…

while I got 7 blisters from being in my ALDOs all day.

While waiting, I tried on their thigh-high boots. Which required some wrestling and wriggling in order to squeeze my sasquatch-feet that are almost too big for their size 39s. Pretty as the shoes are, they are 20-second shoes… I could feel a blister forming as I strolled back and forth in them. /:

Topshop… do ya’ll make it in size 40? 😀  Anyway, I wore a metallic Nicholas top, pleated Abyzz pants, H&M necklace (gift from Jo), wood watch from T1 and, in this photo, Topshop boots.

Thanks Laila for the photos… I look so slim and long here. Happy!

Video of the final walks coming soon!

[Edited: 5 October 2010] Videos have been uploaded! You can watch Topman and Topshop final walks now!


I’ve been lazy to blog about fashion month, especially since I haven’t got much to say… Nobody really seems to be on a roll roll, or maybe I haven’t combed through all the collections hehe.





Kindly proceed to the kitchen to arm yourselves with a pair of scissors, take the dress to the sewing room, and start sculpting holes into the layered tulle.

When in doubt, turn to a block of cheese.


(Don’t bother about how the lower part holds up, it kind just magically stays in place. Or when all else fails, hurriedly supergloo.)


Will anyone wear this on the red carpet?

The other non-takeover-the-world-tulle pieces were great too, but these deserve special mention, even from a lazy blogger.



My favourite is the super-swing tulle jacket/top/thing on Roisin Murphy when she performed during the show.

1) Can you tell that she’s preggers?
2) How much fun is it swishing that amount of tulle around?

ZARA, please put this into production.

All images from

Head over heels

falling models

Here’s L’Officiel Singapore glamourizing THE runway boo-boo of late – models falling over themselves – in “Balancing Act” of their March 2009 issue.

falling models1

falling models2

falling models4

falling models5

I guess.. contorted bodies = interesting visuals? I wish there were frontal ones though!

Any more boo-boos to make their rounds around mags?

From Pedestrian

Martin Lamothe

Whenever I see a new collection, thought bubbles magically surface, letters dissolve-appear (ala cheesy powerpoint slides animation), unscramble and words form in the air.

Martin Lamothe Spring 2009

Martin Lamothe Spring 2009
Pantone, pastel, pyjamas, kimono, boating, lofty, OMG-I-want-to-wear-these, oversized long bloomers?, go fly kite, :O (yawn face – not because it’s boring but it looks comfy and sleepable-in)

Martin Lamothe Fall 2009

Martin Lamothe Fall 2009
Wispy hair, wispy fringe, wispy legs (are those temporary tattoos, make-up or tights?), varicose veins (HAHAH), mean masculine loafers, why no heels? (hooray!), dinosaurs (see the flappy fins in the first two looks)

Here’s something more coherent about the designer, Elena Martin, for you ponder over.

What is fashion for?
Fashion makes you fell as you want to feel, it embodies who you are if you need to express it in any way. Fashion responds to  the need for aesthetics in every layer of yourself.

If you were not a fashion designer, what would you be?
Difficult to say, I have wanted want to be this since I can remember. I have studied art history and I am very fond of history  also. Music is my dream, but my way of expressing it is fashion.

What are you proud of ?
Of the colours and the textiles, of searching for something else.

What are you ashamed of ?
Almost everything in every collection I have made, Everything can be better and that drives you crazy.

If you could keep just one garment or accessory, which one would you pick?
Yes , of coures, my capes, that are the pantone range of the collection and my inspiration.

What do you no longer believe in?
I am still believing everything is possible ! and I believe in everything and everyone.

What do you still believe in?
As I said, in everything. But amongst everything I believe In the inspiration, in the idea or history to develop in the collection.

Interview by Jean Paul Cauvin from Fashion Reporters


In response to Dinie:



Dries Van Noten Spring 2009, House of Holland Fall 2009, Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2009, David Koma (Central Saint Martins Fall 2009 M.A. Show), from Drop Snap

I couldn’t resist wearing boggling stripes two days in a row to confuse my imaginary colleagues. They may also think I’m weird and leave me out for lunch.. Hmm.

I think for what I lack in colour I’ll try to make up in print or texture (items to be procured with my monopoly money – I was the biggest winner with $40 000 at my last game).

Like what the Vogueite said, all these, but without consideration for weather, climate, gender, nose-bleed price tags, wearbility etc.

Five day work week – what would you wear?