Dusting off

Why hello there… it’s been awhile. 3 years. This blog has been sitting (digitally) on a shelf, gathering dust.

A lot has happened to the blogscape since. Instagram . Snapchat. Filters. The rise of global influencers and the local disdain of influencers. But on a more personal front, I guess in the midst of the digital landscape changing, I felt that Wottoncool served no purpose as a ‘fashion blog’. Thus, the silence. But, here I am, dusting off and re-embarking on an adventure of carving out a space to not take myself too seriously and to journal my thoughts, document life experiences, share interesting nuggets of news – on anything that interests me. Not just fashion.

The plan is to trawl through the Wottoncool archives to share snapshots that may or may not have seen the light of day. And then to slowly update less infrequently. Followed by a fresh look as a digital journal of sorts (i’m not good with labels, but essentially, Wottoncool will transform to cover a wider variety of topics/themes/subject matter that more accurately reflects my interests).

So welcome, to the start of the Wottoncool reboot.


Models Mid Turn


The house of Maison Martin Margiela has been a cornerstone of avant garde thinking and many OMGWTFBBQ moments in fashion with their dedication to going against the grain and commitment to a white-on-white-on-white-on-white that is very worthy of admiration.

At their recent standalone boutique opening at Marina Bay Sands, the avant garde continued with in-store displays of beaded faces masks from their archives to current-season apparel. Keep your eyes peeled for the champagne bottle sticker long coat, rectangular-front dress (I have no other words to describe it) and a illusionary bare-there leotard top complete with gloved sleeves.

Warning: This is a very photo-heavy post.

_MG_0002 _MG_0003 _MG_0005 _MG_0006 _MG_0007 _MG_0008 _MG_0009 _MG_0010 _MG_0011

An unexpected element of the evening what a showcase of their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, presented by a slew of leggy beauties and scruffy male models (or least, the scruffy model was the most memorable of the lot).


Because of the store layout and inherent lighting. When they’d stop in front of me, their posture obstructed half their apparel from being illuminated. The result is a series of awkward legs and ‘caught-you-while-blinking’ moments but illuminated clothing. I thought it was somewhat fitting that this would happen with Maison Martin Margiela. Perhaps as a cruel joke, all in the name of the anti-establishment.

_MG_9848 _MG_9851 _MG_9853 _MG_9855 _MG_9856 _MG_9859 _MG_9860

The clothing was deceptively simple and oozed wearability.

_MG_9869 _MG_9871 _MG_9875

And I thought the accessories really stole the show that evening. Above is a sort of inverted leather bags, with hardware buckles riveted to the interior of the bag. Below is a mother-of-pearl checkerboard clutch, which I thought was so beautiful. Not sure why I didn’t check the price of it though.

_MG_9885 _MG_9886 _MG_9889 _MG_9903



Another favourite was this funny interpretation of ID bracelets into an oversized hardware detail for their clutch. Brilliant! So goddamn brilliant! I hope The Outnet stocks it in a year (maybe more), because I probably can’t afford it any other way in any case.

_MG_9904 _MG_9905 _MG_9909 _MG_9913 _MG_9919 _MG_9921 _MG_9924 _MG_9942 _MG_9949 _MG_9957 _MG_9962 _MG_9992 _MG_9994 _MG_9995
_MG_9997 _MG_9998 _MG_9999


In the meantime, I had a peek at The Outnet just to suss out what sort of discounted prices of Maison Martin Margiela would be. And was surprised by the details on some of their shoes!


Despite the severe chopped look of these leather mules, £229.60 (Original price £459.21), they look so effortless and neutral, like they’d match just about anything I want to wear. They look comfy too.

MMM Shoes

I was scratching my head for awhile, staring at the cutout-heel leather boots, £274.35 (Original price £685.87), I’d buy them just to see the shocked/surprised expressions on people’s faces. Hehs. 


The most special ones though, are these cutout leather pumps, £186.67 (Original price £499.34), with their reversed semi-d’Orsay detailing. I never would have thought of that. Wow.

Whimsy and Chaos Controlled


Building on Melissa’s Spring Summer 2014 theme, We Are Flowers, they’ve teamed up with the whimsical Brazilian brothers, Fernando and Humberto Campana. The Campana brothers have a penchant for taking unassumingly ordinary materials such as wood, cardboard, rope, hosepipes etc. and giving it a bizarrely complex yet elegantly simplified furniture.

2014_Campana compilation

Photos from here, here, here, here and here

I’d like a roll of Sushi rug (top left corner) please! And I believe Lea Michele may call for her Lady Gaga costume from Glee back. But I think the stuffed animals rock the chair better. (;

If these home wares are a tad too whacky for your everyday. Perhaps you can wear some Campana brilliance in the form of their Melissa Campana Fitas. A beautiful intersection of the Campana brothers’ signature and beautiful showcase of Melissa’s patented MEXFLEX material. Closer inspection reveals rosettes, but from afar I love how the pattern appears somewhat chaotic and random. It’s like wearing your own little secret, no?

Maybe it’s me. But little things like that make me happy!

2014_01_Melissa + Campana 02

Photo from here



Melissa Campana Fitas will be available in the MDreams Boutique at Wheelock Place #B2-03 from February onwards.

My personal favourite is the Basic Brown (above), but it is also available in Basic Black and Silver or Glitter Gold, Black, Pink and Silver. Each pair retails for $125.00


Candied Crush

2013_02_17_Sophia Webster

Form supersedes function when it comes to shoes designed by Sophia Webster. Her creations aren’t in the least bit about subconsciously putting something onto your feet, like during school days when you are in the passenger seat of the car and you’ve reached school and can’t quite remember how or when you put on your socks… No, Sophia Webster shoes make feet look AMAZING!!!

I’d like to think that a lot of fun and joy goes into her design process because I can’t help but smile as I stare at these beautiful shoes!

Maybe it’s a cheap thrill, but I thought it was quite funny that this wedge, below, had a digital print of flats. Geddit? A wedge, with flats? hehs. (:

2013_02_17_Sophia Webster flats


This protegé of Nicholas Kirkwood boasts awards from Condé Nast and Time Magazine, which named her as Footwear News’ Emerging Designer of the Year and 2013’s Top 100 People to Watch, respectively. According to Teen Vogue, Sophia Webster’s final student collection at the Royal College of Art was picked up by Browns. And she now counts Net-A-Porter and On Pedder as stockists.


Her creations aren’t “shoeporn” but rather “shoe candy!” I swear, some of these designs are so yummy I could eat them!

2013_02_17_Sophia Webster candy tribal

2013_03_17_sophia-webster teen vogue

Sophia Webster in, what I presume is, her workspace. I think its very apt that of the only stationary visible on her desk, one of them is a neon orange highlighter!

Image sources: here, here, here and here.

Virtual Gifting Part 1 – Steady stream of Needsupply

Christmas is upon us! And other than feeling warm and fuzzy about what’s transpired in the past year, we can’t help but satisfy or… reward ourselves with some fancy purchases. Like how part of the fun is window shopping, we do a great deal of online browsing for our gifts, which do you think is more fun?

Please… welcome to wottoncool.com, our boyfriends who’ll be picking out some things that they think we’ll likely love, from our online store of choice, AND vice-versa!  No harsh judgement or loss here, it being a jolly bit of merriment and most parts imaginary!

And what he had in mind while prepping to trawl through Needsupply.com for 5 items that he thinks would fit me to a T:
“I think she’s missing more colours! Her wardrobe is a dark tunnel of grays, blacks, navys and even her more interesting prints are muted. I also think she could use some interesting pants. With a drop crotch or carrot fit and a kooky print perhaps. She’s got lots of tops and accessories, but most of her bottoms are not very exciting so pants it is!”

Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! Now on to what he picked out from the site which has obviously been trying to alter our buying behaviour by insinuating that everything there is a “need” and not “want”… (How how terrifyingly true is that?)

Pick #1:
“I think she could use a shirt like this because there’s some colour without being too loud.”
I’d wear it.

Pick #2:
These bottoms have such a trippy print in a neutral black and white. They look really comfy too!
Yes! But they may risk looking like pyjamas cos I’m no model.

Pick #3:
“Because it’s a sleeved dress and the colours are a refreshing change
I love this dress so much I actually pinned it here. Did you cheat?!

Pick #4:
Killer Andro vibes.
All kinds of yes.

Pick #5:
For the love of cats.
This is dangerous cos my sisters may steal this.

Alan, you’ll be glad to know that YOU PASSED! I’d gladly accept any of these virtual gifts, for real. Get the hint? 😀

Look out for my picks for him tomorrow, all from a neat Copenhagen-based store.

– Jo

Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

Maison Martin Margiela is shrouded in mystery. Everything from the invisible, picture-less founder, anonymous design team, to the pared-down, super discreet clothing badge against a mind-boggling archive of fashion deconstructed, when deconstruction was a new thing.

It seemed to me that one can only pine, after, not own a Margiela. I was super stoked to snag this pair of shoes at the Club21 sale a few years back, and after that it was just a distant, appreciative affair. Now I’m super stoked, and I am sure that is also the case with everyone else, that the Maison extends its collaborative vein outside of its cloistered team to H&M, to produce a “democratic” collection, in line with the Swedish giant’s ideal of “fashion for all”.

All the pieces in this collection are re-editions – not an exact copy, but a fresh interpretation of a what previously went down their runway shows. Even the idea of re-editions is not new, in fact the house has been prone to doing this, even showing an entire collection of reproduced classics in the early nineties. The fanatical, brand-naming, season-dropping persons, will be glad to know that they’ve labelled each item with their debut season.

The collection is reasonably, thought I can’t say affordably priced and that’s why I’m having so much trouble deciding what I need. Accessories from S$16.90, tops from $79.90, dresses, bottoms, outerwear from $159, leather jackets from $449, (very covetable) shoes from $199. Here’s a price list in S$ for you to download and peruse.

If you’re not going to join the queue on 15 November (which I’m sure the boys from Onesixtynotepad will own!), try your luck online, now on eBay (!!!) or on the day itself at H&M’s website.