Naughty or Naiise


Our chestnuts may roast all year round and not on open fires, but Christmas is definitely nipping at our noses. Orchard Road is already decked out for this festive (retail) season and likewise, the lovely team at are prepping for a Christmas pop-up store, “A Naiise Christmas”. The pop-up promises a mix of all things fun, fine and dandy. Knick knacks, bits and baubles all to equip you to wind down 2014 with style.

The space will also include food and beverage options. Because we need to re-charge in between shopping. And don’t forget to look out for updates on their workshop schedule. I have my eye on the Brass Jewellery Making Workshop by Stale & Co. (on 20th Dec) and the Silkscreen Printing Workshop by DODT (22nd Nov & 23rd Nov)

A Naiise Christmas commences on 15 November and runs till 24 Dec from 12pm to 7pm daily. The pop-up is located at 72-74 Dunlop Street (in the Little India area).


Paco Perfection



I chanced upon Paco Rabanne while browsing through and was completely enamoured of this unfamiliar brand, and their Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

Paco Rabanne (the person) was born in Spain in 1934. His mother was a seamstress for Balenciaga and they fled to France during the Spanish Civil War. Originally trained in architecture, he started his label by venturing into perfumes, jewellery and then, fashion. In the 1960s, when he first presented his collection of 12 Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials. He used unconventional contemporary materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, and cardboard. His penchant for challenging convention continued with experimentations in materials like paper, knitted-fur, and fiberglass. These experimentations helped cement Paco Rabanne (the brand) as an embodiment of a rebellious and futuristic spirit.

PR SS14 02

Paco Rabanne is now 80 years old and the brand is now led by Julien Dossena (who previously designed for Balenciaga), initially brought on as a consultant, he was offered the role of creative director after 8 months.

Julien has taken a very refreshing and sporty interpretation of the brand for his first collection. I especially like the second look in the first series (top) and everything in the second row of images.


I found this layered sheer top in blue (my fav!) beckoning at me. It’s on SALE at LN-CC. Gah!

Ugh. I love and hate online shopping.

PR SS14 03

Paco Rabanne’s signature of chain mail, was also quite successfully (first two looks above) executed, layered under sorta sporty-looking vests/vest-dress.

And the styling of the loose, wispy/messy hair and mix of sandals and cut-off cowboy boots just, for some reason, exude a very strong sportswear vibe, which I can’t get enough of.

A favourite look from this collection is this two-tone tennis dress below.


Not that it really is a tennis dress, but it’s so beautiful and I can imagine myself playing a game of tennis in it.

That, or a killer editorial with this dress, a visor, chunky metallic cuffs, racquet against a clay court. Yummmmm! I also spy it at LN-CC.


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Things to do – 16 & 17 Nov

Sharing these events happening this weekend

1. Saturday, 16 November 2013 – Percentile @ Scape Ground Theatre

Brands to look out for – Hansel. By Central Saint Martins graduate, Jo Soh’s quirky label is arguably Singapore’s most successful local female womenswear designer. Look forward to unique prints, packed with personality, on work-appropriate separates and dresses. Sue Comma Bonnie. BEAUTIFUL shoes!!! Need I say more? Well, if you are curious, they are the Korean equivalent of Jimmy Choo. Worn by all the Korean celebrities and starlets. Iconic for their hot pink soles. Mae Pang. A personal favourite, please visit the booth only AFTER I’ve raided it, thanks.

There are also brands for the boys – sifr and Drifters. And I believe Konzepp will have some cool accessories like watch straps, wallets and notebooks for guys to geek out over. But no guarantee what products they’ll be bringing down on Saturday.


2. Sunday, 17 November 2013 – Zouk Flea’n’Easy.

Zouk Fleas are always a wildcard, but you can bargain, people-watch, see the interior of Zouk when you aren’t so intoxicated. Hey, whatever floats your boat! Have managed to score some pretty neat finds in the past. Worth a shot if you have an hour or three to kill.

Advice: For Saturday and Sunday, wear comfy clothes tt would allow you to try stuff on with ease and BRING CASH.

3. Sunday, 17 November 2013 – Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2013

LSGC 2012 - 2

The crown jewel event of local turf, Longines Singapore Gold Cup, will return for the fourth year on Sunday, November 17 at the Singapore Racecourse. With a prize-money of S$1.35 million, the Longines Singapore Gold Cup is one of the most anticipated and prestigious races in the region. Guest-of-Honour Mr. S.R Nathan, former Singapore President, will grace the charity luncheon organized in conjunction with the event, to raise funds for Grace Orchard School, a social service programme under the care of Community Chest. Tickets start from $6 for the Lower Grandstand.

For more information, please visit

Never been to a horse race before, but I half-hope it does and doesn’t look something like this.


On one hand, it’d be an amazing set to walk onto. On the flip side, I’d have nothing to wear.


Prairie for Weekday by Matthew Ames

Some people have a go-to stack of white t-shirts or white mens shirts that they’ll pull out when those “can’t-decide-what-to-wear” days hit you. I have a go-to stack of chambray shirts, short jackets and denim. I’m the serial denim-on-denim wearer. Guilty. This makes me particularly susceptible to Praire for Weekday by Matthew Ames – a lovely little denim based collection that is unlike the skin-tight fit of sister brand Cheap Monday jeans.

WD Prairie_Campaign_04

WD Prairie_Campaign_06

WD Prairie_Campaign_07

WD Prairie_Campaign_10

WD Prairie_Campaign_09

WD Prairie_Campaign_08

WD Prairie_Campaign_05

WD Prairie_Campaign_02

WD Prairie_Campaign_01

Matthew Ames is an American designer skilled in the aesthetic of the minimalist, post-minimalist to be exact (a movement that I have yet to fully fathom). For Weekday, he created something “quiet, but powerful” and dare I say “affordable” given the usually price tag of his clothing.

My picks from this pared down collection:


The skirt version of mom jeans – mom skirts. I like the longer length.


Overalls for adults.


And a very versatile open jacket from the menswear selection.

Frankly I’m a little late to the game. These have been on the online store since early April, but there are still several sizes available, so go click around right. this. instant.

Pictures from here.

Newfangled folkwear: Pitchouguina AW13

Vintage has been done but not quite dusted with its variations of deconstruction, reconstruction and what have you. So it seems like we won’t take these old fashions and traditional garments as is, primarily because they are overwhelmingly detailed and a little fussy for our lifestyle that has evolved since our gramps.

What’s interesting are newfangled folkwear and I say that because of their contemporary cuts and ethnic accents (plus they don’t have to be obvious and plain for all the recognize). Easy to like and wear, without coming across as tacky and to much for a dinner date, day of meetings or casual coffee run.

A designer who is particularly fond of injecting semblances of traditional tailoring and embellishment is Anna Pitchouguina. Of Russian descent and economics background from Poland, Anna took to the states and worked with Derek Lam in New York, then in London with designers like Christopher Kane and Michael van der Ham. All that rolled into a lovely, cohesive and desirable package, branded Pitchouguina, and based in East London since 2010.






Here we get Anna involved in a short round of three questions:

What inspired you to take the route of fashion instead of economics?

Probably the need for creativity that you can touch and feel with hands. Sort of independence as well, but as economics were an interest at first, I am still really interested in the business side of running and starting a label. I think those two things combined is an advantage.

How have you and the brand evolved since your first collection?

Now that I look at it, it has grown up, materials have gradually became heavier but the color palettes are still quite limited and calm. From the very first collection I was trying to put a little handmade/ Russian-related detail, you can still see this in our fluffy hand knitted pieces and a bulky vest-jumper knitted all by hand in Russia, for AW13.

What is the AW13 collection about, and which is your favourite piece?

Collection is always a mood story, that I try to create with fabrics, colors and feminine shapes. This collection is a bit less flowy and a bit more boxy but I still kept my obsession of having some flower motifs. It’s the feeling of awakening the autumn. Favourite piece – a knitted chunky fluffy sleeveless jumper.



You can find Pitchouguina in small independent bouquets in Eastern Europe and also online at Stay tuned for their online store on their website come September. They will also be showcasing their collection in Guangzhou very soon!

Pictures from here.


Jo & Sarah

It’s been a while since we’ve both been pictured together, and we’re so happy that it’s Headline Seoul that gave us the shot! It’s also timely publish, with our spanking new job titles that read: Florist and PR Executive for Jo and Sarah respectively. We’re comfortably settled into this new phase of work life, that both have little to do with fashion (if we will it to), but still gets us excited everyday.

“This is my ideal work get-up on a good hair day (that determines pretty much my outfit and mood), super easy to throw on top and bottom, complete with an apron and no I don’t wear heels, wedges or platforms to work in the florist. My mum has been a florist for about 12 years now. I’ve been doing bits of work for her, photoshoots, logo design, web design, generally helping around since graduating from University in 2010 and working full time. I quit my job back in May 2012, did some travelling since my boyfriend was doing a six month exchange in Uppsala, Sweden, and also completed a course in textile design at Central Saint Martins London. Those two months were a freakin’ dream. When I got back in August, I started going back to work at the florist, really enjoying doing creative work with my hands, but it was only at the turn of this new year that I officially announced (to myself and friends) that this is what I wanted to do. A regular week at work involves visiting the wholesalers for fresh cuts, trimming and conditioning flowers (damn hard work I must say), replying emails, servicing clients, meeting brides-to-be, setting up events or weddings. If you happen to like the bouquets and floral coronet you see in the photograph, I’m very happy to say that I did them, and that you can find them here, says Jo.

“Clean, simple, fuss-free. That’s how I’d describe my styling choices. Every now and then I throw on a crazy print (at least “crazy” by my standards) to mix things up. But more often than not I’ll stick to simple silhouettes, with good structure or interesting details. With my new job, you’ll typically see me in separates, its so much fun to mix and match. On weekends, I simplify. Nothing oozes comfort more than a simple babydoll dress, sneakers and a casual clutch. And since I’m always walking around with a floral wreath in my hair (not!), with this floaty dress, it seemed appropriate for the ‘Japanese fairy librarian’ look that I was going for (;”, says Sarah.

This photo is actually from the Headline Seoul Headturners street style series, which you can find hung in their Wheelock store or on their Facebook page. You can also vote for your favourite (ours perhaps? we totally have flowers everywhere we go) here and stand to win some shopping vouchers. So, no harm clicking!