Prairie for Weekday by Matthew Ames

Some people have a go-to stack of white t-shirts or white mens shirts that they’ll pull out when those “can’t-decide-what-to-wear” days hit you. I have a go-to stack of chambray shirts, short jackets and denim. I’m the serial denim-on-denim wearer. Guilty. This makes me particularly susceptible to Praire for Weekday by Matthew Ames – a lovely little denim based collection that is unlike the skin-tight fit of sister brand Cheap Monday jeans.

WD Prairie_Campaign_04

WD Prairie_Campaign_06

WD Prairie_Campaign_07

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WD Prairie_Campaign_08

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WD Prairie_Campaign_02

WD Prairie_Campaign_01

Matthew Ames is an American designer skilled in the aesthetic of the minimalist, post-minimalist to be exact (a movement that I have yet to fully fathom). For Weekday, he created something “quiet, but powerful” and dare I say “affordable” given the usually price tag of his clothing.

My picks from this pared down collection:


The skirt version of mom jeans – mom skirts. I like the longer length.


Overalls for adults.


And a very versatile open jacket from the menswear selection.

Frankly I’m a little late to the game. These have been on the online store since early April, but there are still several sizes available, so go click around right. this. instant.

Pictures from here.


Jo & Sarah

It’s been a while since we’ve both been pictured together, and we’re so happy that it’s Headline Seoul that gave us the shot! It’s also timely publish, with our spanking new job titles that read: Florist and PR Executive for Jo and Sarah respectively. We’re comfortably settled into this new phase of work life, that both have little to do with fashion (if we will it to), but still gets us excited everyday.

“This is my ideal work get-up on a good hair day (that determines pretty much my outfit and mood), super easy to throw on top and bottom, complete with an apron and no I don’t wear heels, wedges or platforms to work in the florist. My mum has been a florist for about 12 years now. I’ve been doing bits of work for her, photoshoots, logo design, web design, generally helping around since graduating from University in 2010 and working full time. I quit my job back in May 2012, did some travelling since my boyfriend was doing a six month exchange in Uppsala, Sweden, and also completed a course in textile design at Central Saint Martins London. Those two months were a freakin’ dream. When I got back in August, I started going back to work at the florist, really enjoying doing creative work with my hands, but it was only at the turn of this new year that I officially announced (to myself and friends) that this is what I wanted to do. A regular week at work involves visiting the wholesalers for fresh cuts, trimming and conditioning flowers (damn hard work I must say), replying emails, servicing clients, meeting brides-to-be, setting up events or weddings. If you happen to like the bouquets and floral coronet you see in the photograph, I’m very happy to say that I did them, and that you can find them here, says Jo.

“Clean, simple, fuss-free. That’s how I’d describe my styling choices. Every now and then I throw on a crazy print (at least “crazy” by my standards) to mix things up. But more often than not I’ll stick to simple silhouettes, with good structure or interesting details. With my new job, you’ll typically see me in separates, its so much fun to mix and match. On weekends, I simplify. Nothing oozes comfort more than a simple babydoll dress, sneakers and a casual clutch. And since I’m always walking around with a floral wreath in my hair (not!), with this floaty dress, it seemed appropriate for the ‘Japanese fairy librarian’ look that I was going for (;”, says Sarah.

This photo is actually from the Headline Seoul Headturners street style series, which you can find hung in their Wheelock store or on their Facebook page. You can also vote for your favourite (ours perhaps? we totally have flowers everywhere we go) here and stand to win some shopping vouchers. So, no harm clicking!

On Staunton Street, Hong Kong

I haven’t been into taking outfit photos recently, cos I’ve been stuck in quite a rut, but I was very happy in this outfit while out and about in Hong Kong last month, so here’s a pic:

Long back printed tunic by The Scarlet Room, studded leggings by Topshop, sandals from Urban Outfitters, bag by Boyy, bib necklace from Hong Kong.

And here’s Alan, totally into denim-on-denim (day-after-day) with his new bag from Seventy Eight Percent that he bought during Blueprint Emporium!

Shirt by All Saints and jeans by Naked & Famous.

Denim shirt from Wykidd and jeans by Naked & Famous.

Photo credits to here.

Oh Fuzz!

I think we got Uncle Karl to thank for this one.

After sending down sasquatch-esque fuzz-covered models down Chanel runways earlier this year… The material has been slapped onto dozens of designs from bags to shoes to hats to coats.


Rachel (above) and Abbey Lee Kerkshaw (below) show us how to pull off the fuzz jacket. And I am TOTALLY crushing their styles.

Abbey Lee Kerkshaw

But like I mentioned to Jo over beers the other night, pretty as this trend is. I feel kinda sad for the poor animal that became a coat. /:

If it’s synthetic, by all means!

(Photo credits: Stockholm Street Style)

Dusk to Dust

When my boyfriend showed me these photos he took while walking around Stockholm Central, we (or rather, I) gushed over the cute girl on the right – from her rounded bob, oversized collar, high-waist pants, how she rolled up her cuff and hems, the feather in her hair, her peep-toe slingback sandals that kinda remind me of my childhood pair…

When I was uploading and reviewing our photos, I was thinking.. all she’s wearing is brown! wow. And she doesn’t look like soil. She’s kinda like a vintage pocahontas, if that makes any sense.

Then I was editing the pictures and piecing them together for this post, and it just occurred to me that the lady beside her is drowning in blue. Top-to-toe. Neck-to-shin. Her kid. His stroller. I like her scarf, the length of her sleeves, her blunt bangs and blunt locks, her A-line skirt and her matchy-matchy son.

Isn’t the mark of wearing an all-over single colour well, the fact that people don’t notice it?

Alright you may say, vary tone, vary shade, vary texture, but I feel like I need guidance and tuition to pull off whole non-black looks like those two. I fear looking like a dirty fox beside a pool of muddy water in soil.

Photos by my boyfriend.

Cynicism of the week:

So… as long as you’re tall and leggy, you can get away with wearing rotations of oversized tee, tapered pants, some expensive and/or easily recognizable shoe and/or bag.

Better if people know your name, they wouldn’t even care what you’re wearing! Instant cool.



Is it the tapered pants… leather something? oversized top… black jacket..



These pictures appeared within one photo of each other, all in the same page on AltaMiraNYC’s contribution to Teen Vogue. (O! or maybe it’s Teen Vogue)

Not saying that AltaMiraNYC doesn’t have a good eye for fashion. I follow the blog religiously.

All I wanted to say was: Look there are clones around fashion week too!