Swim things: Seea

I’ve been slightly disgruntled about not being able to get a swimsuit from Virgin Daisies, so since then I’ve been on the look out for ones in the same vein.

Oddly enough, the only other brand that I can say is up my alley, is Seea (pronounced see-ah), a California female surfer brand. The idea of surfing is sooooo far from me not just right now, but forever. Still, because Seea’s founder Amanda Chinchelli so expertly melded surfing form, function and fashion, I’ve found myself wanting more than just a piece from the Italian surfer-designer.

For those who are into tiny two-pieces, Seea has more than a few of those. However the ones that I’d like to bring to your attention are the rash guards and skirted bottoms. Sounds potentially grandma (wear your sunblock, protect your skin!) and highly unattractive (think professional surf brands)? Here are some of my picks to prove you wrong:




If I had it my way, I would pair the Doheny rash guard or Paloma crop top with the Leucadia skirted high waist bottom. Which in my mind works whether you have washboard abs or a tumbly tummy.





(Psst this might be exactly how I look like at sea, full suit + long sleeves + cap + too much SPF + under an umbrella.)


The only thing holding me back is the weird stares I might get from wearing not only a sleeved top, but a long sleeved one at that to the pool.

Well you know if you change your mind, these friendly folks will let you in on how to return or exchange them.

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Shopping the showroom


Showrooms reps are really the people you want to be in the company of – they scout talent and pull together the coolest brands you don’t yet know about. Well that’s just broadly speaking and only half the story, but more often than not the good ones are gonna have stuff that will blow your mind.

Sarafan is an online-only showroom from Tel Aviv we wrote about back in 2011 here. They’ve since expanded their online presence to include a consumer store, full of goodies from their bevy of nine brands, all from the Israeli city.

On the site now is an enticing mix of their favourite brands, which they wore, loved and now represent. You’ll find a easy-to-love greyscale across their bags, accessories and clothing, and these are some of the pieces that jumped at me:


A sweater of exaggerated hood and sloping shoulders. Collegiate tunic with sheer bits.



Seemingly detached bag. A thoroughly thought-out and well-compartmentalized wallet.


Smooth oxidized brass cuff, flawed intentionally. A leather scarf of sorts.

Sarafan is offering free shipping internationally now – I don’t think there’s a more convenient way to a piece of Tel Aviv.

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Movers and skaters

The last I heard of skaters was probably from Avril Lavigne. Oh no, scratch that. It was from American Apparel, with their ultra-mini, out-of-the-window-with-decency flouncy skater dresses and skirts.

The Spring Summer 2012 Nikicio girl is “a laid-back skater girl with effortless style, a nomad, a light traveller”. In my head I had three disparate (and frankly, not so delectable) images, but somehow it all translated very well into the collection.

Nina Nikicio made it a relaxed, bordering on bad-ass, devil-may-care kind of American sportswear – that Alexander Wang is so good at, Proenza Schouler re-intepreted and is now also integral to Kenzo’s collection thanks to the brains behind Opening Ceremony. Still, N has a rawness to it that isn’t an excuse for bad quality, but just looks the right amount of dishevelled.

My favourite is this printed silk, looks like leopard from far (at least I mistook it for that), but really is a cable-knit print silk. Clever! I say, for bringing this heavy texture onto a soft, flimsy fabric.

Love how Nikicio has evolved to where it is today. Watch the too-cool-for-school (set in a cafe??) runway presentation here.

Nikicio is available locally at Blackmarket, or if you’re the click-o-rama kind, check out their online store here.

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I got to go to Paris during… Paris Fashion Week! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stalk the top editors and sit outside the tents or shows, model-watch or shop, for that matter. But I did meet a lot of interesting brands from all over the world at various trade shows, and do some touristy things and take some photos, which is completely acceptable for Paris because it is so photogenic… right? Enjoy!

From the open-top bus tour:

At Versailles:

View from my hotel:

Around the Lourve:

On Staunton Street, Hong Kong

I haven’t been into taking outfit photos recently, cos I’ve been stuck in quite a rut, but I was very happy in this outfit while out and about in Hong Kong last month, so here’s a pic:

Long back printed tunic by The Scarlet Room, studded leggings by Topshop, sandals from Urban Outfitters, bag by Boyy, bib necklace from Hong Kong.

And here’s Alan, totally into denim-on-denim (day-after-day) with his new bag from Seventy Eight Percent that he bought during Blueprint Emporium!

Shirt by All Saints and jeans by Naked & Famous.

Denim shirt from Wykidd and jeans by Naked & Famous.

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A few more for the road

Every day is a good day to be discovering new shoes (yes shoes again…) – so here we share with you some pairs that failed to escape our thoughts the past week:

From United Nude, a towering wedge called aptly called “Abstract”, that reminds us the ancient Chinese puzzle – tangrams. Wedges usually give me peace and sanctuary in the realm of elevated footwear, but not this one. Tangrams confuse me and the height and angle of this pair is too crooked for comfort. I’ll leave the real comfort quotient for you to decide. For me, it makes for great eye candy, especially here where Hanh paired it with her stripey socks. You should be able to find this pair at Front Row.

From Bimba and Lola, a platform sandal clad in raffia and accented with a navy leather trim. Gotta love the height it gives without an over-arched foot. So resort, so friendly and so walkable-in for €156 – which I can’t say is glaringly affordable, but easy to aspire towards. Available online, or give their store at ION Orchard a shot.

And, one more for the road… From FOREX – a new sneaker brand from Italy to ActuallyActually, a cut-out suede and canvas confection for those who prefer to be a little more down to earth. I like that they actually approve of the lazy wear where you step on the back of the canvas upper so that the shoe becomes a slip-on. Unsightly, you say? Gladiators (what this shoe is called) could hardly care less, and besides it passes off as a really cool laced sandal!

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