How to avoid sibling rivalry

Growing up in a big family. Being a middle child. Wearing hand-me-downs and *ugh!* sharing.  Some of the things I used to hate as a kid. (Although, now I do acknowledge it’s perks) Realization struck recently, that my styling choices and preferences tend to skew towards being different, choosing the less common alternatives.

Thus the avoidance of denim jeanswear and reluctance to shop at Charles & Keith, Zara, Topshop and Mango. For fear of someone recognizing where by stuff is from, or worse still owning the same stuff as me *the horrors*!

However, all these rules and conventions went out the window with this series shot by Clifford and styled by Zoe and I.

The models shared a vintage oversized denim jacket while contrasted in black and white maxis and paired with high cut sneakers. The harmless play turned to jealousy and fighting, before triumph and a fit.

Before the dust settled and everything went back to normal.

And they lived happily ever after. The end. (that’s how all my stories ended, at least)

But on a more personal note, I like that fact that I have so many siblings and appreciate that my sisters don’t make noise when I raid their wardrobes 😀 *THANK YOU!* Cos they are also free to raid mine as well. Although the trend is that I am more of the raider than the raidee. hehs. And I think sibling rivalry is part and parcel of growing up and learning to work with people.

I mean, where would you be if you didn’t learn how to share?

So in addition to sharing your love with your special someone this Valentine’s Day. For single cygnets (like Sarah), share your love with your family and friends because they are important too!


Young & Restless

Anytime you need to be inspired, you should be visiting Test Shoot Gallery. Headed by creative director and stylist, Ashburn Eng, the man himself is boundless energy. And he channels this energy to good use in his new collaboration with local designer, Max Tan.

Young & Restless, designed by Ashburn for Max Tan’s principle line, is the product of their shared aesthetics. The first collection, Ritual, is conservative Amish-meets-military-meets superwoman. Who would have thought you’d see these words in the same sentence?

The pieces are drenched in shades of deep, almost thought-provoking blue. The maxi skirt-pants are the most genius of all. I’ve just cleared out a spot in my wardrobe between my dresses and dress pants just for this baby.

I think this duo can do no wrong. Ashburn and Max – please stay young and restless.

Visit the maxtan store in Level 2 of Parco in Milennia Walk for Young & Restless.

Picture credits to here.

Blistering BTS Barnacles

Braving the blistering heat, torrential rains, dehydration, fatigue, an early start to the day and multiple location changes…

Saturday was spent traversing Singapore from Amk to Jurong to Balestier to East Coast to Balestier to Scotts Road to Orchard back to Balestier to bring you some rather amazing foh-toes (if I might say so myself :D)!

I present,

Behind.The.Scenes (taken with my Blackberry)

Sabina hails from Slovakia and it was quite amazing to watch her move in front of the camera. (:

Clifford, the photographer, asked me to help out with the styling for this shoot. And there was suppose to be another model (who, obviously, was a no-show) but nvm! The show must go on!

I got to sit in Mike’s (Tsang Photography) Land Rover, which was quite fun.

And it was our makeshift make-up station (while driving too yo!)

Points to make-up artist Adeline Chang for her pro skillz.

The photo above was taken by Clifford. Its not very clear but it rained on us midway through the shoot and I was (out of frame) but sheltering Sabina to keep her dry and to get the shot. You can sorta make out the umbrella that I’m holding.

In between, there were a few more looks but I was busy with my reflector girl duties to snap Blackberry BTS photos. hehs (:

This was our last look for the day before wrapping up. And I was ready to concuss but still had to head back to the studio to pick up the remainder of my shoes, clothes, accessories and shiz then drive home to concuss on the couch 😀

(Photos below were taken by Clifford)

Adeline Chang, Sabina and me (:

After a hard day’s work.

And the mandatory goofing off 😀 hahas.

Waiting on Clifford to send me the final photos. Stay tuned!

Shoot me

(Prior to this week..)

Yes, please shoot me because I wasn’t blogging responsibly and timelyly (lol) even though I was free since the 29th of November and I left Sarah to blog while she still had exams, 473920 group meetings (I’ve never seen her report card but I bet she tops everything, and she is in student council), was practically sleeping in school, had an overseas community project to prepare for (she’s a saint), and goodness knows what else.

I had a reason for my tardiness! But the reason kinda expired um, a few weeks ago, heh.

Sooo… here’s the reason.

Making maximusus use of our tiny prep table.

My friend, who sells some stunning jewellry, was also involved in some shots of her own.

Anybody knows where the place is? (: Not a very exciting place, but yea…

The m4d ph0t0g.

Baaaascially, it’s the help and work of a few friends. Pretty fun stuff, and stressful too, especially with the rain.

The final pics coming up… um, soon! I’m not very confident of them, it being my first “shoot”, and it’s very all-over-the-place, so, we’ll wait till I get over it hahaha.

NEXT Please! II

Have you heard of the jingle “I am slowly going crazy, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, SWITCH! – Crazy going slowly am I,6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, SWITCH!”? It kinda goes on and on and drives me and the people around me insane. I’ll sing it to you the next time.

Anyhoo, Terry Yeo’s label is called ForInsaneHuman. So it must be meant for me. Even though it’s menswear. I. Need.

Who da man.

There’s a certain allure about a white-out. Your eyes kinda just zoom into the details – like the overlapping fabrics of varying translucence and the knitted ropes draped all over..

Lookie it fits me so swell! (and also induces a spurt of cheesy grins and overall happy dayz.)

I think this might be the first booth I scoot to in Parco’s Fashion Incubator. I chope!