HarDior, not tardier

There’s this laid-back vibe with Dior Homme’s Fall 2017 collection that has a certain appeal. All the models exude this ‘too cool for school’ vibe and the layered looks don’t feel stuffy, but purposeful. To be honest, this model ‘gang’ look like they could throw some serious punches if provoked. hehs.

Jokes aside, the collection looks sharp and relaxed. Think this feeling is amplified by the styling – messy/lightly-styled  hair, sneakers and boots as well these boxy visor-glasses. In terms of my favourite looks, I especially like the stitching detail of the first look (below), and the bright orange lining of the trench in the second.

And can we just ogle at these glasses for a moment please…

All I can say is that these models are really werqing these babies. Because I think I’d be soooo self-conscious if I was waiting at a train station with these on. And how big would the case be?!

Credits: runway images, Dior via Safilo Group

Inertia of Objects

photo 3

Inertia. A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line.

Sarah here.

I’m battling myself, doing my best to reinvigorate the habit of blogging on a frequent basis. Blame it on Newton’s first law of motion, blame it on myself. Whichever way, I’m gonna change that.

I’m in the process of serving another internship, securing a full-time job and figuring out my purpose in life, wondering if fire-breathing dragons really exist and hoping Singapore (and maybe the rest of the world) will not implode on itself when more people realise that putting money in a banks actually earns you less (interest and satisfaction?) than if you took all that money and spent it all on yourself right now!

Ok, I’ll ramble on that another day.

So yes, this is me posting that we’re still alive. And that I will do my very best to be more present.

In the meantime, here are some photographs of Suprette‘s latte and We Are The Sun wooden frame sunglasses from Manicurious (above).

My dinosaur hair tie from Homeless (Hong Kong), Vice and Vanity necklace from feial, Longines watch with dark ochre NATO strap,  20:TwoThree panelled top, Mae Pang skirt and gold glitter shoes from Kuala Lumpur.

photo 1And finally, my sister’s Diana F+ (which I’m all thumbs with), We Are The Sun makes yet another appearance, mini Tic Tacs and a work-in-progress neon pouch bag from a street market in Hong Kong.

photo 2

Ask the Magic Mirror

Realized this has been sitting in my drafts for awhile. Even though NYFW was almost last season already, I’m still obsessed  with mirrored sunglasses. The trend hasn’t caught on big here yet. But my predictions are we’ll be seeing much more of this soon. Pictures by Tommy Ton.

Baroque Bold

Thailand-born Central Saint Martins graduate, Moo Piyasombaktul’s name may be a mouthful to remember. But this is one name to watch by what we reckon. Already citing Lady Gaga and Susie Bubble as fans, a pair of Moo Piyasombaktul glasses are distinctively ornate. Ceramic cast moulds are added to vntage and deadstock eyeglasses to produce the most delicate and desirable pair of eyeglasses in town.

Stocked on several online stores including Opening Ceremony, Browns and Sunglass Curator, Moo Piyasombaktul sunglasses are definitely a statement indulgence, retail price ranging between $525 to $660, depending on where you look.

Visit Moo Piyasombaktul on Facebook or Twitter (@MOOeyewear)!

Image Source: Sosolo Fashion, Fashion156, Opening Ceremony

Manicurious x Books + Beer

The title might sound like a horrid (or happy) mathematical equation back from your Secondary school days to haunt your behind. But I just wanted to share with you not one, but two awesome things that you absolutely need to know NOW.

First, Manicurious.

A concept manicure + retail space that sells cute knick knack, notebooks, baubles and beautiful nail art. The store is split into three sections. The first area holds bags, notebooks, pouches, souvenirs. Expect Singlish notebooks, Terracotta Warriors by Justin LeeBy Invite Only, Nooka and Rememberings.

The second zone, which is the cashier station doubles as a coffee counter which serves up a mean cuppa Papa Palheta coffee.

The third and final area at the back of the shop is possibly the most gorgeous manicure space you’ll ever lay eyes on. With custom-made furniture, brass-finished faucets and OPI enamel, you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to manicure heaven. Honest!

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the manicure section of the space. Visit the space and check it out for yourself (:

And the second thing is Books & Beer.

>>> Books & Beer #7 <<<

Happening at


on 11 March (Sunday), 3pm to 6pm. 

41 Beach Road, Singapore 189680

Into it’s 7th edition, Books and Beer is a book swap with an ice-cold twist. Swap a book or two and mingle with the other fun people present over a cold one. It’s a fun and different way to spend a Sunday afternoon chilling and meeting new people. Bring a book to swap (and a friend, if you are shy). And I’ll probably see you there (: Hope to utilize their Books&Beer 10% off promo, make an appointment and get my nails done too. hehs!

And on a side note, when you visit Manicurious, be sure to check out eyewear brand – Waiting for the Sun. Hailing from France, these babies are the most precious things everr. Each pair is hand-carved from different types of wood, come in limited quantities and have a polished but raw finish with the wood grain exposed.

A pair would set you back about $300 but they are absolutely darling and not-so-secretly wish to get a pair for my birthday. Even though I’ve already bought myself a treat, should be saving money for New York and really only need for my friends to all chip in for the best birthday present EVER – a slightly more affordable trip to New York City, by contributing to the New York fund.

Lol. A part of me wishes designers would stop making such beautifully desirable things. But on the other hand, imagine how bland life would be without good design?



Frency & Mercury

Handcrafted designer eye-wear took centre stage at Front Row at Raffles Hotel with a showcase of the very exclusive and limited quantities of Frency & Mercury glasses by Japan-based designer – Eque M.

Bold, functional and handcrafted.

Yes, I feel that it is important to repeat that fact because it simply boggles my mind how such frames could possibly be made by hand(!)

Frency & Mercury glasses are designed with the very thoughtful consideration of catering to the Asian nose bridge (or lack thereof).

Pictured above and below are some of Jo’s and my favourite picks, which retail for between $400 to $600 approximately, depending on style and design.

Available (in very limited quantities) at Front Row, Raffles Hotel Level 2.