Dusting off

Why hello there… it’s been awhile. 3 years. This blog has been sitting (digitally) on a shelf, gathering dust.

A lot has happened to the blogscape since. Instagram . Snapchat. Filters. The rise of global influencers and the local disdain of influencers. But on a more personal front, I guess in the midst of the digital landscape changing, I felt that Wottoncool served no purpose as a ‘fashion blog’. Thus, the silence. But, here I am, dusting off and re-embarking on an adventure of carving out a space to not take myself too seriously and to journal my thoughts, document life experiences, share interesting nuggets of news – on anything that interests me. Not just fashion.

The plan is to trawl through the Wottoncool archives to share snapshots that may or may not have seen the light of day. And then to slowly update less infrequently. Followed by a fresh look as a digital journal of sorts (i’m not good with labels, but essentially, Wottoncool will transform to cover a wider variety of topics/themes/subject matter that more accurately reflects my interests).

So welcome, to the start of the Wottoncool reboot.


Fantastical Flight of Pride


All that glitters may not be gold but Swarovski sure comes close. It was a spectacle of opulent magnificence at the press presentation of their FW ’11/12 collection, aptly entitled ‘Wings of Fantasy’.

Their PROUDLY necklace was a real standout in the collection, although I must admit I had plenty of favourites in this collection. And if you bother to count, there are 16 different crystal colours in this one piece!


Other personal favorites were the these cuffs and bangles. With the cuff on the right, Swarovski (for the first time) used leather as a base material and I like the resultant effect.

Also, they had a mens’ series which I would also wear in a heartbeat. Who say’s crystals can’t be tough?

And just as a curveball,


Swarovski also had, in a separate room, their Hello Kitty + Swarovski collection with this rather large Hello Kitty figurine. Not really my cup of tea, but can imagine a lot of people wanting this series.

On a side note, I’d also like to declare that Swarovski’s show at Audi Fashion Festival was BEAUTIFUL! If the Swarovski-encrusted clothes weren’t so heavy and didn’t cost a bomb (which, sadly, I’m sure they are), I would try them on for a very special, glitzy occasion.

But, alas, this is most certainly a fantasy that’ll never take flight.