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As the hype surrounding activewear heats up, the countdown to the debut of Beyoncé and Topshop’s joint venture to produce a global athletic street-wear brand for Fall 2015 has begun. According to the release, ‘the brand will encompass clothing, footwear and accessories across dance, fitness and sports categories ensuring a dynamic fusion of fashion with the highest levels of technical performance.

Although the brand will be distributed via Topshop stores and Topshop.com, I assume the line will come under a separate brand name.

I’m intrigued to see how this partnership unfolds. As a potential consumer, I hope to see Topshop and Queen B pour respectable time and efforts into performance-enhancing R&D – material development, aerodynamics, efficient heat diffusion etc.

For the time being, I’ll be clocking in more serious hours and effort into shaping up. Cos if you are into activewear, you gotta look the part no?

Image Credit: Standard UK

School’s back in session


Better start digging out those ankle socks and chalk up your school shoes! School’s back in session with JW Anderson and Topshop‘s second collaboration, scheduled to launch in stores on 27 February 2013.

JW Anderson lilac denim dress

This second collection, I feel, builds on his idea of The School of JW Anderson with sweater staples with swallows, cars, dodos and hearts. My money’s on the lilac separates and argyle anythings making street style guest appearances at Fashion Week Month.


JW Anderson Lilac outfits JW Anderson sweaters dodo and car JW Anderson AW13 collection

Word is that Singapore stores wont be seeing the entire collection stocked on our sunny shelves. And I’m personally heartbroken the lilac dress is amongst the itemlist not destined for our shores. But I’ve got my eye on some separates (: Hoping and a’prayin’ that they’ll be mine.

Prices of the JW Anderson x Topshop Autumn/Winter 2013 collection will range from $79.00 to $389.00. You you’ve been warned my pretties, here’s something to set aside some angpao money for!!

Photos from here and here.

Schoolyard Dreamscapes

Typically, I steer clear of prints. My closet comforts involves a basic top in basic white or black with a basic skirt, pant or jeans. I’m absolutely guilty of a one-note when I’m off duty. In fact, my last offense was on Friday when I accompanied ONESIXTYNOTEPAD boys, Dinie and Ridhwan, to SPCA.

Case in point: Basic black top + basic skirt = BASIC.

A custom print can really creates a unique footprint as Jo mentioned here. And with a fashion week street style queens like Miroslava Duma, Anna Dello Russo, Michelle Harper and friends secretly planning a world domination coup, albeit one amazing picture at a time, I thought it’d be fitting to board the bandwagon and adopt more prints.

And even in the spectrum of prints. I’m still building up the courage for a full-on hyper-realistic prints like Christopher Kane’s gorilla, mandrill or crocodile; or super bold and super graphic Mary Katrantzou; or even a full print on print ensemble a la Marni or Dries Van Noten. Instead I’m still at Prints101, never straying far from the muted, geometric prints that any fashionable wallflower (oxymoron?) wouldn’t mind wearing.

Cue the entry of this particularly lucky find at Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store in New Jersey, a very well curated vintage store, which I highly recommend should you ever find yourself in the New Jersey/New York area. There was something very fun and funny about this print and for S$30, I figured why not take the risk.

A dreamily molten meld of vanilla yellow, blue-grey and sky blue as the rolling landscape for a simple town, complete with buildings and horse-drawn carriages. Had the colour way been any brighter, I probably would have thought against it. The flattened town reminded me of the bible(!) I imagine Jesus walking into a town, wearing his Jesus sandals, and seeing a town something of this sort: Wide roads, short flat buildings, clustered along the road. Or ‘linear settlements’ as we learnt in Geography class. (JW Anderson would be proud!)

And worn together with the JW Anderson for Topshop pinafore, S$159, and stegosaurus badge (a flea market find), US$15. I feel like it’s my first day at Prints, module 102. Bolder prints, here I come!!



The School of JW Anderson

Last Friday, we got an exclusive group interview with Jonathan William Anderson to talk about his collaboration with Topshop this Fall 2012. Read about how we squander this amazing opportunity with our one and only question to the designer.

Who is JW Anderson?

Born in Northern Ireland, 27-year-old Jonathan William Anderson stumbled into stage costumes, then fashion, while training to be an actor. He enrolled himself into the London College of Fashion, studying Menswear, and launched JW Anderson in 2008.

Four years on and he lists celebrities like Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst, Anne Hathaway and Leigh Lezark as fans. Not forgetting, he’s amassed a cult following for his statement full looks and knitwear. Although he’s admitted to a distaste for designing dresses, that hasn’t stopped the British Fashion Council from nominating JW Anderson for Emerging Talent 2012.

Adding to the notches on his belt, JW Anderson now adds a collaboration with high-fashion mass retailer, Topshop, to his achievements.

About the Topshop x JW Anderson collaboration:

I am very excited to collaborate with Topshop. It gives me the opportunity to reach a much wider audience with my designs. It has always been very important to me that my collections are made accessible to anyone interested in fashion and design.” – JW Anderson, in his interview with Telegraph UK

In our group interview, this tall and slim-built designer with casually tousled hair, wearing a T-shirt that resembled an Edward Monkton drawing, shared about his undying attraction to anything black and white, listing his collection favourites – The Bat Sweater and particularly, the V-Neck Sweater, because “a guy can wear it and a girl can wear it with nothing underneath. It’s branded and feels like The School of JW Anderson.

Wottoncool: So If you did have your own JW Anderson school, what subjects would you have at this school?

“Ooh.. this could open up a rats nest!” is how he starts off.

I think to myself, ‘Have I opened Pandora’s Box?!’ (I was half expecting Magic and Wizardry to come out next…)

After pausing for a moment, JW Anderson (Jonathan) continues “Well definitely Geography, love Geography. I would probably have a music class where it would be everyone just puts their iPods and plays music all day. That’s what they do.”

Some of the interviewers, myself included, break out in smiles. I think I also hear someone chuckle.

Jonathan pauses again. At this point, Topshop UK’s Press Manager, Clare, chimed in “Art!”

Eyes lighting up, Jonathan continues, “Art obviously, print-making class”, he seems focused on the question.

In my mind I’m chanting ‘Magic! Magic! C’mon say Magic! hahahas’, and I’m not really sure why I want him to say that…

“I would definitely do things which encourage people to make things with their hands. I feel there’s not enough of that anymore. The internet is so amazing.  We spend so much time on it that we don’t actually play with things and like engage with people, meet people. I think we meet people on a social level via the internet. But i feel like people need to get out there and make things with their hands.” Jonathan finishes.

He couldn’t have said it any better.

Topshop x J.W. Anderson is available at Topshop’s ION and Knightsbrigde outlets from 30 September 2012, 1pm.

Apparel prices range from $69 to $299. Make a note, they didn’t bring in the non-apparels like pencils, lollipops, pins, colour pencils, iPad cases and wrist slaps. ):

On a sidenote, following what JW Anderson said, I painted these Angry Birds (and Pig) pomelos (for Lantern Festival!!)


Topshop | Topman Fall Winter 2011

With the overwhelming turnout, blazing lights, blaring music and beast of a runway to boot, Topshop and Topman showcased their Fall Winter 2011 collections.

Couldn’t really see the clothes up close because of the hordes of people eagerly peering away, like myself. But thanks to my Dr. Martens wedges, my lanky limbs and some shamelessness, I managed to get these shots.

I am excited by this revisiting notion that more is more. That you can be more covered up and pull off an extremely sexy look. It’s hard to disagree, this model exudes elegance in this simple V-shaped neckline, cropped sleeves lined in faux fur and sheer speckled tights, no?

Y’knw, leave more for the imagination to run wild. 😉

Even with this mid-drift baring top, it still possesses a cape-like quality that I really like. This notion of cover and protection from the elements. Of showing just a sliver of skin, that’s the seduction. Styled with the cropped skinny pant, it’s a nice contrast of showing some skin and covering up, of large bloaty floaty shapeless top with a fitted pant. Yin & Yang. Balance. (2am writing produces incoherence and stunning lack of sentence structure. Sorry!)

The challenge with such proportions and styling, is fit. What may be a skirt for them may be a full-on maxi dress for someone (to put delicately) vertically challenged. Fact is a fact, an average Asian girl does not hail from the same planet as these five-feet-five glamazons strutting what their mommas gave them. My fear is that attempts to mimic and re-interpret these lengthy looks will end up in one hot mess, swimming in these stretched proportions.

Styling-wise as well, the girls all sported slicked back hair with low ponytails. And as the show progressed, couldn’t help but feel pang of pity for them, donning Fall/Winter garments in an outdoor, non-air conditioned setting. Could see their foreheads and hairline get shinier with each outfit change.

Needless to say, they were melting inside.
But still looked so.damn.good.

Where is the justice in this world?!


Outfit bits

My outfit felt a bit disjointed that day at Topshop Knightsbridge’s pre-opening party, what with Christopher Kane x Topshop’s crocodile tee, a torn and tattered Cheap Monday oversized sweater, a really old pair of wedges… so I bring you photos in odds and ends.

Also, my sister’s adorable shoes.

Quick abrupt post, pretty much describes how I’ve been zipping around town and home today. And also, I most probably will be starting work next week! Whee!