Analogue this cool cat


A blogging by-product has been this concerted effort to improve my photography and produce better visuals for Wottoncool. Transitioning from a point-and-shoot in 2009 to a semi-pro, to a DSLR and then, most recently, upgrading my lens. And with it, learning the lingo about apertures, bokehs, ISOs etc. Not that all the technical specifications make the most sense, but when Lomography released a new 35mm build-your-own single-lens reflex camera, that certainly had my interest piqued.


The Konstruktor is described as a world’s first do-it-yourself camera, allowing you to explore the mechanics, understand and experience the essence of photography from inside out. It has a top-down viewfinder and accessory packs for add-ons for long exposures or a detachable 50mm lens.

The camera comes craftily packaged in an assembly kit set. Set aside S$58 and 1-2 hours of construction time. I think Lomography is clever to charge you S$58 AND have you assemble to camera too! 


  • DIY 35mm SLR camera with interchangeable lens system
  • Includes 50mm f/10 lens
  • Shutter speed: 1/80s
  • Multiple exposure capability
  • Tripod thread for long exposures






Check out the Konstruktor microsite for more info!



And just in case you are wondering, the zhao cai mao tee is from a Uniqlo x NOISE Singapore collaboration.




You, by the light

Last Friday, Uniqlo opened it’s fourth store at Vivocity. And if you heard a mixture of ‘Hell Yeah!’s, cooing and indistinguishable baby noises, that was Sarah gushing madly at the slew of collaborations that Uniqlo has thrown out, almost all at once!

Crazy.Mad.Love for the vintage florals and motifs in the Cath Kidston Charity Project. And I went home with a Costello Tagliapietra piece. Which I already plan to wear for one of the Asia Fashion Exchange events/days.


Most importantly, even if you aren’t a basics-whore like I am. (I almost exclusively wear Uniqlo tank tops now) You should make a beeline to any of the four outlets and get your hands on Uniqlo’s UV Cut series.

Fronted by Charlize Theron, this series of tops and cardigans come in the softest colours and aren’t exceeding thick, thus wearable in our sunny, albeit, temperamental weather.

I got my mom this Stole Cardigan in black. Fell in love with the small button details. So you have options when it comes to wearing and how you’d like to to drape.

I’m have my eyes on this ashy mint-green piece. But I’m resisting the temptation for now.

Gotta build reserves for the impending splurging at Blueprint! 😀 hehes.

Uniqlo’s +J Fall/Winter 2010

A new collection of Uniqlo’s +J has been at 313 Somerset, and while the rest of the world have been taking all the previous collections hook, line and sinker, the fluffy coats and pressed shirts on the racks stay just the way they are over here. On the racks.

Sure, the clothes looks sleek and gorgeous in the campaign starring Raquel Zimmermann and in person, well-made and comfortable, but somehow we’re just not turning in money at the cashier. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or price (!!?!?!?) that’s keeping my fellow countrymen from picking them up because I can hardly speak for myself.

This shawl-collared wool jacket and long-sleeved shirt with a detachable, pleated placket are my favourites from Fall/Winter 2010. But! they didn’t make it home with me… since the former costs an arm and a leg at S$249.90, and while the latter is a delectable S$79.90, I’m still on the fence.

Maybe I just can’t get over how different it looks on Raquel Zimmerman and me. Maybe when the red stickers go on the price tags.

Made for all

There are a few reasons why I love Uniqlo. Among them is how affordable, wearable, well-made and innovative the clothes are.

And for a new reason, devastatingly beautifully repackaged and coming soon to a Uniqlo near you…

…the hot-bodied, curly-haired, super-suave male in Orlando Bloom typifying the Japanese brand’s pledge to be “Made for All” – more affordable, wearable, well-made and innovative clothes for us mall rats.

I can’t wait to see more of him with Charlize Theron. I remember when Utt was the face of Giordano in the early 00’s – I lingered outside the stores and gazed into this larger-than-life eyes. Now, I will do anything for my Legolas…

Picture credits to here.

Crave a Calendar

Following the success of UNIQLOCK

Which, by the way, is VERY distracting to have on your friend’s screensaver when you are trying your backside’s best to pay attention to a lecture.


Don’t you agree? 😀 So intriguingly, mind-numbingly addictive.

Now Uniqlo, an innovation forerunner brings to you the Uniqlo Calendar.

The Uniqlo Calendar comprises three elements – seasonal images, music and, of course, Uniqlo merchandise.

Its a very interesting concept and if there was something for my blackberry, I’d give it a shot. But since I do not have. Boohoo ):


You can download it onto your computer, iPhone (which I do not have), blog and facebook.


PS. Remember to set your location to Singapore!

Wottoncool @Uniqlo, Somerset 313

Bloggers were out in full force at Uniqlo’s From Tokyo to Singapore Fashion show at the Ritz Carlton and Somerset 313 store preview.

(Sorry readers, don’t have time to write an extensively long or elaborate post. I have to be in school by 8am tmr and I don’t know how I’m going to achieve that)

In the meantime, here are some photos! (: