Swim things: Virgin Daisies

I was in Bangkok back in December for a short trip to round up the year with my boyfriend. We put up in the handsome and awesome Tenface hotel, with a lovely little pool that unexpectedly put another to-do in my already too-long list for the city: buy a swimsuit. This little search brought Virgin Daisies to light, in the Siam Paragon department store.

Virgin Daisies is a swimwear and lingerie brand designed and made in Thailand. You’d hear nothing of revolutionary quick dry/ slimming/ shaping or what not typical of high street or sport swimwear brands. Only boys want to know about that sort of stuff, right? So for all the R&D that they didn’t invest in and we don’t care for, they more than made up for it with design.

Their pieces are styled in a girly vintage fashion that has been all over Bangkok for a few seasons now, with peplums, frills and cut outs that brands like Disaya have rampantly popularized. Somewhat formulaic in that aspect to gain fast fans locally, but still I managed to pick out some no-frills pieces:






My favourite is this sleeved and colour-blocked suit, made in a fuzzy textured fabric reminiscent of a soft terry cloth:




These would definitely double up as going out clothes – if they fit. I wish I could say that I got me a piece, but they are characteristically small (as with most clothing from Thailand), available only in S and M, and most items come without lining and padding. I think I might just look here for some other options.

For more information, visit their facebook page here. Pictures from here and here.

Schoolyard Dreamscapes

Typically, I steer clear of prints. My closet comforts involves a basic top in basic white or black with a basic skirt, pant or jeans. I’m absolutely guilty of a one-note when I’m off duty. In fact, my last offense was on Friday when I accompanied ONESIXTYNOTEPAD boys, Dinie and Ridhwan, to SPCA.

Case in point: Basic black top + basic skirt = BASIC.

A custom print can really creates a unique footprint as Jo mentioned here. And with a fashion week street style queens like Miroslava Duma, Anna Dello Russo, Michelle Harper and friends secretly planning a world domination coup, albeit one amazing picture at a time, I thought it’d be fitting to board the bandwagon and adopt more prints.

And even in the spectrum of prints. I’m still building up the courage for a full-on hyper-realistic prints like Christopher Kane’s gorilla, mandrill or crocodile; or super bold and super graphic Mary Katrantzou; or even a full print on print ensemble a la Marni or Dries Van Noten. Instead I’m still at Prints101, never straying far from the muted, geometric prints that any fashionable wallflower (oxymoron?) wouldn’t mind wearing.

Cue the entry of this particularly lucky find at Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store in New Jersey, a very well curated vintage store, which I highly recommend should you ever find yourself in the New Jersey/New York area. There was something very fun and funny about this print and for S$30, I figured why not take the risk.

A dreamily molten meld of vanilla yellow, blue-grey and sky blue as the rolling landscape for a simple town, complete with buildings and horse-drawn carriages. Had the colour way been any brighter, I probably would have thought against it. The flattened town reminded me of the bible(!) I imagine Jesus walking into a town, wearing his Jesus sandals, and seeing a town something of this sort: Wide roads, short flat buildings, clustered along the road. Or ‘linear settlements’ as we learnt in Geography class. (JW Anderson would be proud!)

And worn together with the JW Anderson for Topshop pinafore, S$159, and stegosaurus badge (a flea market find), US$15. I feel like it’s my first day at Prints, module 102. Bolder prints, here I come!!



Closet Clearout – All these have to go!

Sarah is clearing out her closet. My closet has simply run out of space and more importantly, the proceeds from this sale will go directly towards my ‘Send Sarah to New York’ fund. All the items are pre-loved. Some are thrifted, some are branded. If there are any issues with the piece, I’ll declare it outright. If you aren’t fully happy with it, send it back, no questions asked. But please remember, it’s going to a very good cause 😀

Terms & Conditions

Unless stated otherwise, item fits a UK8 (top). UK10 (bottom).

If you are interested in any item, send an email to sarah.sweeping@gmail.com with ‘Item Description’ as the title. Include your name, contact number and any questions you may have about the product. A confirmation email containing the bank account details and total amount to be transferred will be sent. Only after payment has been made (via bank transfer) will I mail out the item. Prices include mailing cost (within Singapore). If you would like the item to be sent by registered mail, please add another S$2.50.

Multiple purchases will get a further discount.

No reservations allowed.

Vintage Yellow Pleated Dress – $48

Fabric has sparse embossed leaf print.

Vintage Blue Dress – $48

Small thread pulls on fabric

Vintage Checkered Shift Dress – $28

Recommended for a UK6/8

Lining is starting to get a bit old.

Vintage Multi-print Dress – $18

Some bleeding of red onto fabric. Bought the dress like that (at a higher price somemore!!)

 Low-back Jumper with Zip detailing – $18

*SOLD* Hansel Black Lace Halter Top – $48 *SOLD*

Brown Pleated Shorts with Rivets – $28

Printed Blue Cropped Jacket – $78

Printed Dress with Red Piping – $18

Recommended for a UK6

Babydoll Flare Patchwork Dress – $28

Black Knit Dress with Drawstring Pockets – $28

Black White Contrast Dress with Tulip Hemline – $28

Recommended for UK6

Armani Exchange White Dress – $48

Fabric is slightly translucent. But nothing that nude underwear can’t fix.

*SOLD* Bossini Style Stone Grey Origami-fold Jacket – $38 *SOLD*

Minor stains on front folds

Max Tan Two-tone Shirt Dress – $48

Dress is a slate grey. Comes out poorly in the photograph. Sorry!

Espirit Green Butterfly Flare Skirt – $18

Recommended for a UK6/8 (bottoms)

M)phosis Contrast Strip Mini Skirt – $18

Forever21 Stretch Mesh Top – $18

Zambesi Bloomers with pockets – $78

Fabric is delicate and has some pulls. Will update with more pictures.

Topshop Rust Sleeveless Top – $12

Hidden Agenda (Thailand) Asymmetrical Shirt Dress – $68

Recommended for a UK 6, or worn half-buttoned for UK 8

 Nicholas Draped Cropped Cardigan – $48


Abyzz by Desmond Yang Two-way Poplin Top – $58

Top can be worn front to back or back to front (as shown). Best styled with a belt (not shown).

Abyzz by Desmond Yang Black Top Exaggerated Sleeve – $58

Sleeves fall differently when worn long or pulled up

Dusk to Dust

When my boyfriend showed me these photos he took while walking around Stockholm Central, we (or rather, I) gushed over the cute girl on the right – from her rounded bob, oversized collar, high-waist pants, how she rolled up her cuff and hems, the feather in her hair, her peep-toe slingback sandals that kinda remind me of my childhood pair…

When I was uploading and reviewing our photos, I was thinking.. all she’s wearing is brown! wow. And she doesn’t look like soil. She’s kinda like a vintage pocahontas, if that makes any sense.

Then I was editing the pictures and piecing them together for this post, and it just occurred to me that the lady beside her is drowning in blue. Top-to-toe. Neck-to-shin. Her kid. His stroller. I like her scarf, the length of her sleeves, her blunt bangs and blunt locks, her A-line skirt and her matchy-matchy son.

Isn’t the mark of wearing an all-over single colour well, the fact that people don’t notice it?

Alright you may say, vary tone, vary shade, vary texture, but I feel like I need guidance and tuition to pull off whole non-black looks like those two. I fear looking like a dirty fox beside a pool of muddy water in soil.

Photos by my boyfriend.

Colour bars

Long-sleeved button-down blouse, US$9.99, from VolenskaVintage/etsy.

When I was young I’m usually up early (even during the school holidays) and wait for the children’s programme to start showing at 9am. But before that, I’d be staring at the television colour bars with the radio broadcast over it, followed by the Majulah Singapura. And that signalled that Sesame Street was gonna be aired in right about………………. now!

High-waist long skirt, US$24, from momodeluxevintage/etsy. Button-back long-sleeved blouse, US$13, from theappleseed/etsy. Wooden platforms with canvas stripe trim, US$42.50, from Spelfenmeisje/etsy. Double-breasted blazer, US$25, from joannaknowsomethin/etsy.

Pretty nostalgic stuff, eh? Maybe that’s why I love these multi-coloured stripes so much. To look at. Not to wear. It’d probably look nicer on you than me.

Best thing? They’re all silk.

Me and my unadventurous self – I’ll be sticking with these: ( Yes! Silk too!)

High-waist bermudas, US$24, from theprivateparty/etsy. Striped belted shirt-dress, US$38, from maxandchichi/etsy.

Picture credits to here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Grandma’s Brew

Ladiessss andddd Gents!

Here’s my mostest favouriterestest haul of vintage to date.

I’m giving them up cos
1) They don’t fit me
2) I don’t love them as much as I love my other pieces
3) I just did a wardrobe clearout and I swore never to hog
4) You love and wear vintage more than I do (:

So here they are, up for sale, priced at a prices I believe what vintage should be sold at – very very low compared to what you see in vintage stores. (>$60 WTF?)

I love their names! I love Tutti Fruitti Chicken Normandy most. It’s my favourite soup from The Soup Spoon too (:


Prim and Paisley Broth, $26
Paisley-print sheer shirt dress with sharp collar, long bell sleeves with cuffs, pleated chest and skirt, self-belt
Green multi, Chiffon
Underarm to underarm: 18″
Waist: 13″
Fits UK 6-8 best


Floral Folk Pho, $16, reserved for Zara
Floral sheer blouse with mandarin collar, keyhole at chest, yellow piping, long bell sleeves with cuffs
Dark blue multi, Chiffon
Underarm to underarm: 19″
Shoulder to hem: 24″
Fits UK 8-10 best


Teal-O Mil-O, $18, sold to Sarah
Graphic short jacket with foldover lapel, double-rowed buttons, wide kimono sleeves, cinched at waist
Black, teal, pink, Polyester
Fits UK 10 best


Cream of Cat and Mouse, $20
(no I don’t like cats or mice very much, but this is very cute :D)
Cat and mouse print sheer cardigan
Padded shoulders, upturned short sleeves, eyelet detail, arrow-shaped pockets
Peach multi, Chiffon
Fits everybody!


Too Cute Tutti Fruitti Chicken Normandy, $26, sold to Jansci
Pumpkin (!!! how rare) print v-neck sun dress with wooden buttons, pleated waist, hidden pockets
Deep red multi, Cotton
Underarm to underarm: 17″
Waist: 14″
Hip: 20″
Shoulder to hem: 41″
Fits UK 8 best


Hawaiian Five-O Gumbo, $26, sold to Grace
Flower and fern print sleeveless long jumpsuit with tortoise shell buttons, side tie at waist, cuffed hem, hidden pockets
Underarm to underarm: 18″
Waist: 14-17″ (adjustable with tie)
Hip: 20″
Fits UK 8 – 10 best

Free postage to Singapore. Add $2.24 for registered mail.
Payment by DBS/POSB ibanking or atm transfer only.

Email Jo at wottoncool@gmail.com with the subject: ” I WANT TO BUY (INSERT NAME OF ITEM)” to buy these!

Enjoy! (: